Activism and Advocacy

TAKE ACTION: Campus Pride encourages activism and individual growth to become a more effective student leader and change agent on campus. Figure out the issues that impact your campus and then create an action plan to get positive results. These resources connect students and share various LGBTQ concerns across the country in activism and advocacy.

Campus Pride Social Justice Mini-Grants for Activism: Social Justice Mini-Grants for Activism fund and support young activists working to foster “true acceptance” by winning hearts and minds.  These mini-grants should support Campus Pride’s mission to build future leaders and create safer, more inclusive communities.  In addition, our first year of funding will prioritize supporting direct grassroots activism, advocacy efforts and organizing.

The Campus Pride Index provides information about LGBT-inclusive policies and procedures and colleges and universities nationwide.

Campus Pride Trans Joy Resource Guide

What is Trans Joy? Broadly speaking, it is the feeling that your trans identity is a gift rather than a burden. It can be experienced and expressed in a variety of ways.        Examples: Find a community of …
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Quick Tips: Working with ASL Interpreters

By Alexander Cheetham When planning an accessible event, ASL (American Sign Language) interpreting is something you need to include. And, in daily life, you might want to talk to a Deaf or Hard of Hearing person who is using an …
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College search process for LGBTQ high school students

By Julia Schwenderman, Syracuse University 2022, Campus Pride 2021 Summer Intern Applying to colleges as an LGBTQ student If you’re a high school student currently applying to colleges and universities, there are many factors for you to consider when picking …
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The Campus Pride Ultimate Queer College Guide

Everything you need to know about finding the best LGBTQ college for you. The college application process can be stressful no matter who you are, let alone if you identify as an LGBTQIA student. Follow this guide for helpful hints, …
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Resources to Help Create a Safe Zone Training

by Andrew Salman, 2014 Campus Pride Summer Fellow, Western Kentucky University Safe Zone Training (also often referred to as Safe Space) can be an important first step and ongoing process toward improving campus climate for LGBTQ students.  Safe Zone Trainings …
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Introduction to Asexual Identities & Resource Guide

ACE: Asexual Identities and Resource Guide  by Isabel Williams, College of Charleston (with additions from Elizabeth Ponds, 2017 Summer Fellow) Introduction:  The Asexual, or “Ace”, community may be statistically small but has a growing presence through online fellowship. While scholarship and …
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Disability Rights Activism for Student Leaders

by QueerAbility   CW: slurs against disabled people   The disability community is the only minority group one can enter at anytime. For example, you might get into a car accident tomorrow and become disabled. Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control …
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The Out Student Leader’s Agenda

by Greg Varnum and Chad Grandy Opponents of LGBTQ civil rights have always said that LGBTQ people have an agenda. And we do: it’s an agenda of equality for everyone – regardless of gender/identity expression or sexual orientation. But, as …
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How To Be An LGBTQ Ally

Ally is Not an Identity  Being an ally is more than standing up for a community even when they’re not around. Things to Do  Acknowledge that “ally” is not an identity. Check your privilege at all times. Do not assume …
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Creating Change In Our Community

  Help make places “Safe Zones.” Signal to LGBTQ youth and adults that you’ve got their backs, and help people feel safer and more comfortable being themselves.  Use LGBTQ-inclusive language and display LGBTQ-friendly materials such as books, pamphlets, or stickers. If you see …
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6 Core Values of Leadership

by Christopher A. Bylone 1. Temperament A combination of natural genetic traits that always subconsciously, affects our behavior. Temperament is the foundation upon which leaders construct the values of their character and personality. 2. Openness, Honesty & Integrity Leaders will not …
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Social vs. Activism

Some LGBTQ and ally student organizations focus on providing social opportunities to students, while others have a more activist agenda. Is it better to be a social group, or an activist group? Can you be both? How do you balance …
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Making Your LGBTQ & Ally Group More Welcoming

by Jesse Evans Picture this: You’re new to Hetero University, and you’ve known for some time that there was a chance you wouldn’t fit in.  You’ve got a boyfriend, but every once in a while you wonder if maybe those …
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LGBT-Friendly Campus Pride Campus Index

This is a list of U.S. college campuses and their LGBTQ-friendly index score. Share with others!facebooktwittergooglepinterestlinkedinmail