Campus Pride announces the 16th annual Camp Pride Summer Leadership Academy will be conducted online with a 4 Hour Day-Long LGBTQ+ Youth-led Broadcast called GLAMPING on  Saturday, July 16, 2022.   LGBTQ+ leaders will share about their work doing queer activism, host interviews, play music, share art/expression & foster social opps to build connections and community.  

In addition, Digital Camp Pride will include the Safe Space :: Building LGBTQ+ Inclusive Communities online training on Thursday, July 14, 2022 and the Stop the Hate :: Fight Hate on Campus online training on Friday, July 15, 2022.  Both are optional and have separate registration.


Camp Pride is one of the longest-running LGBTQ summer leadership camps for youth across the country and the only one of its kind for college students. It continues to be the premier national training academy for social justice and grassroots activism for LGBTQ and ally young adults at colleges and universities. 



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*Details of program are subject to change.

2022 Camp Pride Schedule:



Thursday, July 14 through Saturday, July 16, 2022

An online series for LGBTQ+ educational enrichment and to empower students, faculty and staff to create LGBTQ+ inclusive campuses.
Special Give-Aways Every Day All Weekend - Thursday, Friday & Saturday
Thursday, July 14, 2022
1 p.m. - 3 p.m. EST 
Safe Space :: Building LGBTQ+ Inclusive Communities 
Two Hour Online Training
Become a Safe Space for LGBTQ+ people. Now more than ever LGBTQ+ inclusive communities are vitally important. Learn how to be an effective, visible advocate for LGBTQ+ people.
Friday, July 15, 2022
1 p.m. - 3 p.m. EST 
Stop the Hate :: Fight Hate on Campus
Two Hour Online Training
Become an advocate to fight hate on campus. Learn how to identify bias incidents and hate crimes and prevent escalation through how you handle bias incidents, support victims and provide awareness & further educational efforts.

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Noon-4 p.m. EST

GLAMPING :: 4 Hour Day-Long Campus Pride LGBTQ+ Youth Broadcast Queer Activism Dialogue among LGBTQ+ Youth, Interviews, Music, Art Expression & Social Opps

Also featuring:
QUEERING YOUR CAMPUS WORKSHOP :: Lead with Pride.  Learn how to create your LGBTQ+ inclusion, what to look for and how to improve your campus community.
OUR STORIES & OUR IMPACT :: Campus Pride Alumni Spotlights sharing their stories and the impact of LGBTQ+ young adult activism on creating change
NEW CAREER CONNECT RESOURCE :: Breaking down barriers for LGBTQ+ young adults to future careers
GRANT FUNDING :: Social Justice Mini-Grants for LGBTQ+ and Ally youth to fund grassroots activism, advocacy efforts and organizing
ACTIVISM TOOLS :: Utilizing the Campus Pride Index Planning your action and advocacy for your campus community.

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Since 2007, Camp Pride continues to be the nation's premiere LGBTQ Leadership Academy for undergraduate LGBTQ and ally students. Join us to develop your campus organizing, social justice and leadership skills. For over a decade, Camp Pride has created a uniquely supportive and inclusive experience to nurture, learn and grow as an intersectional queer leader and social justice advocate.  Advisor Academy started in 2011 and provides a dedicated institute for professionals working with LGBTQ college students on campuses. Expand your knowledge, enhance your skills as well as collaborate with others who share your passion for advising and creating safer, more welcoming communities.


The mission of the Campus Pride Summer Leadership Academy is to build leadership capacity among LGBTQ and ally undergraduate college student leaders and to create safer and more inclusive campus communities in the United States.

Who: Undergraduate students from two-year, four-year, rural, southern, HBCU, TCU, and religiously-affiliated colleges and universities come to Camp Pride from all over the country. Advisor Academy for professionals consists of advisors, faculty, staff and professionals joining a separate track during Camp Pride.

Camp is for you if you want:

  • A phenomenal leadership and personal growth experience inclusive of gender identity/expression and sexual orientation.
  • Key leadership concepts to becoming a stronger LGBTQ or ally leader.
  • Effective strategies and skill training for grassroots coalition building.
  • Access to premiere faculty and national leaders in social justice, human rights and civil rights advocacy.
  • Successful campus organizing practices and the chance to explore challenges confronting your campus.
  • Helpful resources and innovative tools from national organizations.
  • A personal action plan for your campus to become more LGBTQ-friendly.
  • Opportunity to connect and work with peer student leaders from across the country.
  • An inclusive approach celebrating diversity and motivating others.
  • An open, safe environment to express yourself.
  • Fun, entertainment and lasting relationships - family.


Full and partial Camp Pride scholarships are available on a limited-basis. Scholarship applications will be available Spring 2020. Applicants who have already registered and paid will be refunded any scholarship monies at the time of event. Due to a limited capacity, we do encourage you to register for Camp Pride ASAP. Campus Pride seeks a diverse cohort of student leaders/advisors and these scholarships assist in this commitment across race, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, socio-economic and geographical boundaries. Learn more.

Registration & Event Policies

1. Registration is limited to a specified number of participants and will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. You must be 18 years of age or older at the time of camp.

2.  No refunds.  We do allow a one year transfer if contacted prior to May 15, 2020.

3. Leaving the camp site without permission, possession/use of alcohol, illegal/non-prescription drugs or drug paraphernalia, not abiding by host campus policies or any behaviors that are disruptive to the mission and values of the camp will not be tolerated. Such actions will cause forfeit of your registration fee and are immediate grounds for dismissal. Participant is responsible for all costs associated with any early departure (i.e. cab, airport fees, etc).

4. Checks or purchase orders should be made payable to Campus Pride, Inc, a charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Federal ID #14-1969456.  In order to receive any early registration rate, the check or payment must be received by Campus Pride prior to/on the date of the early registration.

5. Participants agree to hold harmless and indemnify Campus Pride, Inc.,the university, and, or any organization coordinating travel, its officers, agents and employees, from and against any harm or damage as well as all actions, suits, damages, liability or other proceedings,which may arise as the result of the events and occurrences of camp, including any associated travel and meals. Participants understand that participation in any camp trip or activity is voluntary. If participants have any concerns about personal health or ability to participate, participants agree to discuss concerns with a physician prior to camp or will not participate in said activity.

6. Campus Pride, Inc. is excused of any obligations or reimbursements to the extent that such actions are the results of an Act of God, war, national emergency, labor dispute, riot, civil disturbance or other circumstance beyond the control of Campus Pride, Inc.

7. Campus Pride has the exclusive right to use video and other visual/audio portrayals of participants likeness taken during the camp in any medium of any nature whatsoever for any purpose, including advertising or promoting the services of Campus Pride, Inc. without any compensation. Any such portrayal shall be the exclusive property of Campus Pride, Inc.

8. Any disputes will be handled by a court of law in Mecklenburg County of the State of North Carolina. Campus Pride, Inc. will not be liable for any court-related expenses.

9. All fees are listed in U.S. dollars. Any details are subject to change.

10. All details are subject to change.

More information or questions, please contact Campus Pride at 704.277.6710 or email