Trans Advocacy

In the past few years, there has been a rise in the presence of trans and genderqueer students on college campuses across the country.  With this heightened visibility comes increased backlash that manifests itself in physical harassment and other forms of discrimination toward trans people. More than 90% of two- and four-year institutions in the United States remain completely inaccessible and inhospitable to transgender students. Learn more in the Campus Pride Trans Policy Clearinghouse as well as read these successful strategies and tools for trans and genderqueer advocacy on campus.

Campus Pride Social Justice Mini-Grants for Activism: Social Justice Mini-Grants for Activism fund and support young activists working to foster “true acceptance” by winning hearts and minds.  These mini-grants should support Campus Pride’s mission to build future leaders and create safer, more inclusive communities.  In addition, our first year of funding will prioritize supporting direct grassroots activism, advocacy efforts and organizing.

Op-Ed: Being Trans on Campus

Advice for transgender and nonbinary students starting college and returning to campus By Julia Schwenderman, Syracuse University 2022, Campus Pride 2021 Summer Intern I am a Campus Pride intern and a fourth-year student at Syracuse University. As a college student, …
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Best Housing Practices for Off-Campus College Trips

By Dr. Genny Beemyn, Campus Pride Trans Policy Clearinghouse Coordinator Is your campus group going on a trip? Maybe you are competing at a debate tournament, cheerleading competition, going abroad internationally together?   Campus Pride has been asked several times about …
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Gender Inclusive Restrooms: Dos and Don’ts

By Genny Beemyn, Ph.D. Are you working to increase the number of gender inclusive/all-gender restrooms on your campus? Have you thought about the use of language, signage, and privacy/safety? The following list is a quick rundown of “dos” and “don’ts” …
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Gender Inclusive Bathroom Signage

by Tyler Eilts A necessary evil which pushes our privacy boundaries into the open: Public restrooms. Public restrooms can prove challenging to many individuals who are differently gendered from the falsely dichotomous “Male” or “Female” stick figure depictions on bathroom signage. Thankfully, …
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Transgender Allyship and Advocacy

by Justine Matlock Updated: August 2021   The transgender community is one of the most underrepresented, misinterpreted, and misunderstood facets of the LGBTQIA community.  This guide is just an introduction to a very diverse community.   What is trans? Transgender is …
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Greek Life Assessment: Where do you stand on Trans Issues?

I thought it might be helpful to “boil it down” into a few key questions for you to ask yourself, your students, your colleagues, administration, national leaders, etc. Remember this is all about a beginning the conversation. Prospective Students A prospective student is …
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Gender Normative Privilege

Updated: August 2021 For many cisgender (non-transgender) people, the privileges that come with their gender identity may be invisible. This list, adapted from a resource by the Lambda 10 Project, highlights some of the privileges cisgender people enjoy. If you …
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23 Ways to Put Trans Advocacy into Action

by Lydia A. Sausa, M.S. Ed., Ph.D. candidate CW: discussion of transphobic violence and harassment “I felt alone and isolated. No one cared. No one really understood me and what I was going through. I loved school, but I never felt …
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