Bias and Hate Crime Prevention

Campus Pride supports colleges and universities in preventing and combating hate on campus as well as fostering the development of community through its Stop The Hate program. The national program serves as the premiere source for bias and hate crime prevention resources for higher education institutions and campus communities.

Stop The Hate reflects Campus Pride’s commitment to provide social justice tools for combating bias and hate crimes. Stop The Hate is dedicated to provide the necessary resources and educational training to combat hate on college campuses; and to actively seek partnerships and collaboration among various organizations with similar concerns to address bias and hate behaviors. Learn more about the Stop The Hate Train the Trainer and explore these bias and hate crime prevention resources.

Top 10 Criteria LGBTQ Students Look For In A Campus

Many prospective LGBTQ college students are nervous about applying to and choosing where to continue their higher education. Many had some negative experiences in high school, and they want to make sure that the University they attend will make them …
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Strategies to Create an LGBT-Friendly Campus

Updated: August 2021 Asking the questions and considering the best strategy is the first step to creating a safer, more welcoming campus community for LGBTQ students.  Use this resource to begin your process and to hold your campus accountable for …
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7 Ways for Campus Safety to Support LGBTQ Students

by Eric W. Trekell Updated: August 2021   In 2019, the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) issued their most recent survey on U.S. Secondary school climate. Nearly 90% of LGBTQ students reported experiencing harassment or assault based on …
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The Importance of Safe Zone

Updated: August 2021  There are two reasons to have a Safe Zone program on a college or university campus. First, LGBT students need to know who on campus is safe and supportive. At the same time, allies need a way …
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Ex-Gay Politics on Campus

by Christine M. Robinson, Ph.D.Assistant Professor of Sociology and Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies James Madison University    CW: conversion therapy/ex-gay therapy; mental abuse   Has your LGBTQ Resource Center been contacted by PFOX (Parents and Friends of Gays and Ex-Gays) requesting …
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How to Handle Hate Preachers on Campus

Hate preachers thrive on attention and publicity. They use provocative language in an attempt to ‘hook’ people. They frequently press charges and fund their homophobic campaigns by winning lawsuits. Some effective strategies that others have used include: Ignore the haters …
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