About Camp Pride

Campus Pride LGBTQ+ Summer Leadership Academy

Let’s go to camp!! Now you can develop friendships for a lifetime with other LGBTQ and ally college students, build your social justice and leadership skills, and take action as a social justice advocate for a safer and more inclusive campus.



2023 Camp Pride Schedule

What will happen at Camp Pride?  Learn more about the 2023 Camp Pride Schedule online now.


The mission of the Campus Pride Summer Leadership Academy centers LGBTQ+ student voices to build leadership capacity, shared community and a sense of belonging.

Who: Undergraduate students from two-year, four-year, rural, southern, Minority Serving Institutions (HBCU, TCU and HSI) and religiously-affiliated colleges and universities come to Camp Pride from all over the country. 

When you attend Camp Pride, you will…

  • Build leadership, resilience and activism
  • Explore your identity and discover your passion, power and privilege as a leader
  • Learn innovative advocacy strategies for campus organizing and social justice work
  • Cultivate personal support and growth, forge a sense of belonging, lasting life-long relationships and strengthen self-awareness 
  • Deepen awareness of the LGBTQ+ shared community, history and intergenerational learning 
  • Thrive in an affirming safe space, building friendships and community connections among peers
  • Develop an individual action plan to navigate challenging climates and create positive change
  • Receive tools and resources to effectively maximize power as a student leader
  • Identify ways to nurture your spirit, celebrate joy and practice self-care

Camp Supplies

What To Bring

  •  No formal attire required. Wear orange and purple if you have it!
  • Hoodie, cardigan, light jacket (weather and temperatures vary)
  • Comfortable footwear
  • Shampoo, soap, personal hygiene supplies, etc.
  • Sunscreen and/or bug spray
  • Any personal prescription medicationsConsider bringing your campus LGBTQ & ally resources to exchange  (approx 50 total, if possible)
  • Feel free to bring fun items and important resources to swap/share with others from your campus

Towels, sheets, blankets, and pillows will be provided; however, some people like to bring extra bedding.

Check the weather for CLT before you leave. Summers are usually warm, rainy and humid.

All meals are provided and dietary restrictions will be accommodated according to your registration.

Camp Scholarships

Full and partial scholarships are available on a limited-bases. First priority consideration is in April and rolling thereafter. Applicants who have already registered and paid will be refunded any scholarship monies at the time of the event. Due to a limited capacity, we do encourage you to register ASAP. Campus Pride seeks a diverse cohort of student leaders/advisors and these scholarships assist in this commitment across race, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, socio-economic and geographical boundaries. Learn more.


Since 2007, Camp Pride continues to be the nation’s premiere LGBTQ+ Leadership Academy for undergraduate LGBTQ+ and ally students. Join us to develop your campus organizing, social justice and leadership skills.  Camp Pride continues to create a uniquely inclusive and evolving experience to nurture, learn and grow as an intersectional LGBTQ+ leader and social justice advocate.