Many times college athletics are forgotten about or lost in the shuffle of LGBTQ outreach and education. For far too long, no one has known the score when it comes to LGBTQ-inclusion and friendliness in collegiate sports programs. Campus Pride is leading the way in researching LGBTQ athletes’ experiences and providing colleges with resources to create more inclusive athletics departments. Search these resources for specific educational initiatives from Campus Pride, valuable information related to LGBTQ athletes and our featured educational partners.

Campus Pride Sports Index: The Campus Pride Sports Index provides a critical foundation of understanding as well as a vital tool for assisting colleges and universities in ongoing efforts to improve intercollegiate athletics and collegiate recreation for LGBTQ players, coaches, participants, staff and fans.

Outsports is an SBNation blog dedicated to telling the stories of out LGBT athletes. The blog features both professional and collegiate athletes from all sports.


LGBTQ Sports History Timeline

by Pat Griffin, Helen Carroll, Cyd Ziegler CW: homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia (include anti-trans ideas of bodies and surgeries/hormones) Before 1960 1920-25 – Bill Tilden is United States Tennis Champion and dominated tennis in that era. He is arrested on morals charges in the …
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Out Athlete: A Personal Perspective

by Victoria, women’s college soccer player CW: discussion of homo/biphobia I remember growing up piling into the mini-van after a recreational league soccer game with all of my teammates… it was a fantastically simple time. Laughing and singing all the …
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LGBTQ-Friendly Quiz for College Athletics

How safe is your team for gay, lesbian, bisexual transgender, queer or questioning athletes (and coaches!)?  Take this safety quiz for college athletics…  see how you do?!  Use the quiz as a tool to work with college athletic administrators, coaches …
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