Religion and Faith

Faith and religion are often places of joy — or deeply riddled with conflict and sorrow for LGBTQ people. These resources depict both positive and negative experiences with faith communities and specifically efforts on religiously-affiliated campuses through the coalition Campus Pride in Faith. In addition, Campus Pride recognizes our educational partners and their resources for LGBTQ people of faith.

Campus Pride in Faith: Campus Pride in Faith (CPF) is a national coalition that aims to provide resources, support, and guidance to LGBTQ and ally students who seek fair and equal treatment and understanding, and who seek to build and maintain LGBTQA student organizations, and/or non-discrimination policies inclusive of sexual orientation and gender identity at their faith-based colleges or universities. CPF affirms that many LGBTQA students are persons of faith, and that all people are entitled to the dignity and respect that is God-given. CPF embraces faith, gender identity, and sexuality where they holistically intersect. Read more about the experiences of LGBTQ students on religiously-affiliated campuses in this Huffington Post article by Campus Pride’s Executive Director.

Campus Pride Social Justice Mini-Grants for Activism: Social Justice Mini-Grants for Activism fund and support young activists working to foster “true acceptance” by winning hearts and minds.  These mini-grants should support Campus Pride’s mission to build future leaders and create safer, more inclusive communities.  In addition, our first year of funding will prioritize supporting direct grassroots activism, advocacy efforts and organizing.

I am the Pink Triangle and Yellow Star

It was December of 2015. As I was riding a camel through the Negev desert across the land that my ancestors once walked, surrounded by 43 other queer Jewish peers, I finally felt a sense of community and belonging unlike …
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Overcoming with Good

CW: discussion and image of homophobic slurs/harassment How would you respond if a hate note like this was posted on your door? Written by Darren McDonald, Safety Net Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good  (Romans …
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Looking at the Bible with New Eyes

How do Christians proclaim the love of God in Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit today? “Biblical Sexuality and Gender” by The Rev. Dr. Jay Emerson Johnson poses many questions in his thoughtful look at the most …
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How to Handle Hate Preachers on Campus

Hate preachers thrive on attention and publicity. They use provocative language in an attempt to ‘hook’ people. They frequently press charges and fund their homophobic campaigns by winning lawsuits. Some effective strategies that others have used include: Ignore the haters …
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Biblical Passages to Support a Bisexual or Gay Brother

By Doug Bauder and Rev. Rebecca Jimenez CW: discussion of homophobia, transphobia, racism, anti-Semitism, and sexism Source: Shane L. Windmeyer; Brotherhood: Gay Life in College Fraternities “Love the sinner, not the sin!” That’s what Jonathan Scaggs in his story titled …
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