How to Handle Hate Preachers on Campus

Hate preachers thrive on attention and publicity. They use provocative language in an attempt to ‘hook’ people. They frequently press charges and fund their homophobic campaigns by winning lawsuits.

Some effective strategies that others have used include:

  • Ignore the haters completely. Do not give them any media attention. (This is the most effective!)
  • Do NOT touch any of the haters. Some of these groups fund themselves by claiming they were “attacked” to draw sympathy.
  • Conduct a positive campaign – rather than fighting hate with hate, spread messages of love and inclusion. For example, you could create rainbow signs, posters, buttons, banners…
  • Form a ‘moving circle of love’. Surround the haters and hide them from public view!
  • Counter-schedule another ‘unity’ event at the same time.
  • Create a fundraiser for a positive group on campus. Every time the haters use words like ‘fag’ have pledgers donate $1.
  • Play music and dance around them.
  • Grab a bunch of people and have a same-gender kiss-in all around the protesters.

Published from UC Santa Cruz Hate/Bias Peer Response Team and The Consortium of Directors of LGBT Resources in Higher Education.

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