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Registration:  $315 per participant includes certificate of completion; Payment due immediately at the time of registration.

Payment by credit card only.  There are no refunds.








Stop The Hate is an educational initiative of Campus Pride and supports colleges and universities in preventing and combating hate on campus as well as fostering the development of community. The national program serves as the premiere source of anti-hate educational resources for higher education institutions and campus communities.  While we are not offering in-person trainings at this time, we are offering two hour online versions of the Stop The Hate Training.

This Stop The Hate 101 online training provides an understanding of bias and hate crime issues, how to identify a bias motivated incident and a hate crime, overview of first amendment speech protections and hate crime law and discuss the need for greater hate crime and bias motivated incident reporting mechanisms (such as a Bias Incident Team).   Participants will receive an official Campus Pride Stop The Hate 101 certificate with their name upon completion of the full two hour training.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learn and better understand bias and hate crime issues
  2. Understand terminology and identify the difference between what is a bias motivated incident and hate crime.
  3. Overview first amendment speech protections and hate crime law.
  4. Explain the challenges to hate crime reporting and the need for improving bias incident reporting mechanisms on campus.
  5. Share resources to help your campus improve and/or develop a Bias Incident Team.


Stop the Hate Train the Trainer

Empower your campus to prevent bias and hate crimes by attending the 3-day Stop the Hate Train the Trainer program. The Stop the Hate program is ideal for a team approach to prevent and respond to bias and hate crimes on campus.  The training is designed for student leaders,  faculty members, administrators, campus police/safety officers and staff.  Participants become Stop the Hate trainers and are equipped with tools and materials to educate others on bias incident and hate crime prevention strategies.

In these challenging budget times, the Stop the Hate program is an ideal way to maximize your resources by investing in the professional development of staff, campus police, faculty, administrators and student leaders in building stronger campus communities.

Registration:  $425 due immediately at the time of registration. Training includes 250+ page curriculum manual divided into 12 learning modules, complimentary handouts and power points as well as other resources.  Food, travel and lodging are not included.   Payment by credit card only.




Cancellation Policy

There are no refunds.  

An Act of God forfeits any reimbursement and, as such, we are not mandated to reschedule or accommodate loss for the specific program or service.  Campus Pride reserves the right to assess a refund processing fee of $50 per transaction.