Leadership and Organizing

At the heart of a remarkable leader is a passion and a vision for change. Campus Pride believes in kindling this passion, nurturing the soul and inspiring “voice and action” among student leaders. Check out our leadership resources and tools for effective campus organizing.

Camp Pride: Finally, the camp you have been waiting for! Campus Pride organizes a Summer Leadership Camp for LGBTQ and ally undergraduate student leaders from campuses across the country. The five day camp focuses on leadership skills, coalition building and networking with other student leaders.

Campus Pride Social Justice Mini-Grants for Activism: Social Justice Mini-Grants for Activism fund and support young activists working to foster “true acceptance” by winning hearts and minds.  These mini-grants should support Campus Pride’s mission to build future leaders and create safer, more inclusive communities.  In addition, our first year of funding will prioritize supporting direct grassroots activism, advocacy efforts and organizing.

Campus Pride Index: Make sure your college is on the index and determine your grade when it comes to LGBTQ-friendly policies, programs and practices. See how your campus score stacks up against your rival schools. Share your findings with other students, staff, and administrators and create a short-term and long-term plan for improving your campus climate.

Campus Pride Sports Index: The Campus Pride Sports Index provides a critical foundation of understanding as well as a vital tool for assisting colleges and universities in ongoing efforts to improve intercollegiate athletics and collegiate recreation for LGBTQ players, coaches, participants, staff and fans. The Campus Pride Sports Index sets a national standard of LGBTQ-inclusive policies, programs and practices in sports.

Campus Pride Trans Joy Resource Guide

What is Trans Joy? Broadly speaking, it is the feeling that your trans identity is a gift rather than a burden. It can be experienced and expressed in a variety of ways.        Examples: Find a community of …
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The Campus Pride Ultimate Queer College Guide

Everything you need to know about finding the best LGBTQ college for you. The college application process can be stressful no matter who you are, let alone if you identify as an LGBTQIA student. Follow this guide for helpful hints, …
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Finding and Creating LGBTQ Friendly Campuses

Shane Windmeyer joins educate2impact day with Point Foundation to discuss finding LGBTQ-friendly campuses.   WATCH: Share with others!facebooktwittergooglepinterestlinkedinmail

The Out Student Leader’s Agenda

by Greg Varnum and Chad Grandy Opponents of LGBTQ civil rights have always said that LGBTQ people have an agenda. And we do: it’s an agenda of equality for everyone – regardless of gender/identity expression or sexual orientation. But, as …
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Creating Change In Our Community

  Help make places “Safe Zones.” Signal to LGBTQ youth and adults that you’ve got their backs, and help people feel safer and more comfortable being themselves.  Use LGBTQ-inclusive language and display LGBTQ-friendly materials such as books, pamphlets, or stickers. If you see …
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6 Core Values of Leadership

by Christopher A. Bylone 1. Temperament A combination of natural genetic traits that always subconsciously, affects our behavior. Temperament is the foundation upon which leaders construct the values of their character and personality. 2. Openness, Honesty & Integrity Leaders will not …
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Advice For Campus Officials To Improve LGBTQ Efforts

10 Academic Strategies for a More Inclusive LGBTQ Classroom by Saralyn Chesnut, Ph.D., and Angela C. Nichols M.S., Ed. Often when considering options to improve a campus climate for LGBTQ students, the focus is on what happens outside the classroom-having …
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Starting a LGBTQ Resource Center or Student Group

Updated: July 2021 Starting a Campus Resource Center An LGBTQ Center at your college or university can be amazing for the campus community.  This was definitely the case at the University of Southern Maine. Having an LGBTQ and Ally Resources …
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Networking: Building Relationships & Strong Alliances

  Co-sponsorships with other campus organizations can help you plan bigger events on a tight budget. Maintaining strong relationships with administrative departments can put your campus a few steps closer to achieving your goals. How do you network to build …
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How to “Lead with PRIDE” on Campus

by Shane L. Windmeyer Many people misunderstand what it means to be a LEADER.   College students today often view leadership as synonymous to what we see business leaders, celebrities, sports stars, politicians do. We equate leadership with success and fame …
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Ground Rules

Ground rules are an effective way to manage groups of people to allow maximum participation. This list is not a complete list! It is just a list to get you started as well ones that Campus Pride finds most important …
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Do’s and Don’ts for LGBTQ Campus Organizing

by Christopher Bylone & Jess McDonald The Do’s: Do strive to reach win/win agreements for both the university and the organization. Look for alignments between the university’s and organization’s missions, visions, values and commitments. Do seek to understand what motivates people …
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Naming Your LGBTQ Organization

Updated: July 2021  Are you starting a new gay/straight alliance or queer student group at your school?  Are you looking for a new, inclusive, catchy name for your student organization?  A name can be an important indicator of what type …
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Leading Your LGBTQ Campus Group

To be an effective leader, you must be able to lead people. Below is a simple guide to help you recruit members, manage them and, most importantly, keep them in your group. You can also find brief suggestions on how …
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