Creating Change In Our Community



Help make places “Safe Zones.” Signal to LGBTQ youth and adults that you’ve got their backs, and help people feel safer and more comfortable being themselves.  Use LGBTQ-inclusive language and display LGBTQ-friendly materials such as books, pamphlets, or stickers.

If you see something, say something. Confront anti-LGBTQ remarks, including slights and slurs that you overhear. Let people know in no uncertain terms that such speech is unacceptable and should not be tolerated.

Educate yourselves and others about the contributions of LGBTQ people to history. LGBTQ people have been made great contributions to the world!

Don’t assume anyone’s sexual orientation or gender identity.  Individuals may wish to disclose, or not disclose their sexual or gender identity for different reasons. Respect everyone’s right to privacy.

Establish or work to establish Gay-Straight Alliances at local schools. Much like Safe Zones, these organizations help create a safe environment and space for LGBTQ and questioning youth to congregate with a like-minded and supportive community. Make sure GSAs in your are trans-inclusive.

Support LGBTQ-friendly companies and businesses that support their customers and their employees. Through financial support, you can help LGBTQ business owners thrive and become successful in your community.

Show your pride and support for the LGBTQ community. Even small displays of support can make all the difference for a LGBTQ person feeling uneasy or isolated.

Donate time and money to groups that work to create change. Many organizations like ours exist to further change. With help from individuals like you, organizations likes ours can make the lives of LGBTQ people that much better. 

Write your politicians and tell them about which issues you feel strongly. Many politicians listen to individual voters like you. With a well-written letter, even one person can change another’s mind about LGBTQ related issues. 

Write your newspapers. Suggest LGBTQ-themed stories to your local news reporters, and write a letter to the editor when the newspaper publishes articles on topics that impact your life.

Get involved in local schools. Encourage diversity in today’s studies. Ask administrators to change school forms to be gender neutral and encourage teachers to make classroom topics LGBTQ inclusive. Offer to teach a class or workshop on diversity or to answer questions.

Speak up and teach your children to speak up when there are LGBTQ  jokes or bullying. Many children imitate the behavior of their parents. If you are parent, teach your children to be respectful and help them to understand what is okay and what is hurtful to say regarding LGBTQ individuals.  

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