Ground Rules

Ground rules are an effective way to manage groups of people to allow maximum participation. This list is not a complete list! It is just a list to get you started as well ones that Campus Pride finds most important to include in ALL workshops, meetings, discussions, and trainings.

RESPECT another person’s right to have opinions and thoughts that are different from yours.

easelTake RESPONSIBILITY for your own learning.

Be OPEN to considering alternative thoughts, ideas, opinions and behaviors.

Say OOPS and, or acknowledge when you may unintentionally say something and wish you had not.

Say OUCH when someone’s words or actions may hurt you.

Have an active PARTICIPATION level in the program activities and discussions. **The more you put into the program, the more you will get from the program.**

PASS when you so choose.

EDUCATION is an ongoing process. **Enlarge your knowledge about yourself and others while expanding your diversity skills.**

Really LISTEN to what others say; listening is more than just hearing others.

ASK QUESTIONS that will lead you to greater awareness!

Have a high SENSITIVITY level to the feelings of others.

Keep the highest level of CONFIDENTIALITY with private information of others.

W.A.I.T. “Why Am I Talking” — is for the people who over dominate the discussion and don’t let others talk and they keep saying the same things. It is important to ask the questions: “Why Am I Still Talking?” and “Have I Said What I Needed to Say? OR the flipside of W.A.I.T. — “Why Aren’t I Talking” is for the people who sit quiet and don’t say anything. It is important to ask why? Is the group not respecting them, do they not feel safe to talk, etc. The group leader should be attentive and aware, whether it is a personal choice or not.

One Diva One Mic = One person speaks at a time.

E.L.M.O. “Enough Lets Move On” is used when the group starts repeating itself over and over again and they are not moving forward to a place of consensus. A person can say ELMO to get the group moving to a different topic.

VEGAS STYLE — “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!” Your comments and ideas are private and what you share will stay among the people in this room. No information that you share personally will be talked about beyond our experience together.

Share at YOUR own Level.

Facilitators Create an Active Parking Lot for when questions come up that will be covered at a later time in the session and, or which do not pertain to the topic at hand. Such questions may be answered later as time permits or at another time. It is not to mean that such questions are not important.

Be Here Now Make this workshop your job for the day. Turn off your cell phone, instant messenger, etc. Try not to leave to make phone calls or do other work-related business.

Use “I” Statements Each person’s learning is enhanced when we share our own experiences and speak from a personal perspective.

NO REPRESENTATIVES Don’t expect a person to represent all persons in their group I can only speak from my personal experiences. No one should be asked to represent or speak on behalf of an entire group.

Don’t assume that we are not prejudiced.  Just because I am a facilitator does not mean I have resolved all of the issues of prejudice in my life. Just because you participate in a workshop on prejudice does not mean that you are not prejudiced anymore. We will all be dealing with these issues for the rest of our lives.

Time and subject limitations  Since we have so much to cover in such a short amount of time, we might not be able to address all of your questions or concerns. Also, we want to acknowledge that it might be hard to end a discussion, since some people might feel uncomfortable about leaving unfinished business. However, we will do our best to bring closure to as many of the issues as possible. Furthermore, please allow me to stop you without your taking offense when we spend too much time on one subject or when we go into areas that are beyond the scope of the program.

Raise your hands to speak  We have to respect each other by taking turns to speak. Please raise your hand to speak as to create an open environment of exchange.

Have fun!  Learning and sharing should be fun. This workshop can provide an opportunity to understand and appreciate differences, and laughter and enjoyment is not only allowed, but recommended.


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