How to Write Your LGBTQ & Ally Student Leader Agenda

Examine yourself…

Before you can truly excel at helping others, you have to be sure that you’re able to help yourself. Consider what type of leadership style works best for you. You should be enjoying yourself and getting the most out of your leadership experience. Also consider what issues and ideas really drive you. If you’re passionate about what you’re doing, not only will you produce greater results, but your passion will inspire others.

Educate yourself
What does your local community really need? Talk to people and find out what’s been done already, if it was successful, and what should be done next. Take the time to understand the climate, politically and socially, both in the local community and at your college. No one is ever criticized for knowing too much about about their advocacy.

Be realistic
Remember that as a student, you’ll only be there for four or five (or in some cases ten) years. That shouldn’t stop you from doing something, but it should impact how you plan. Figure out how you can involve other students who will continue the work after you leave. Also be on the lookout for faculty and staff who are passionate about these issues and make sure to involve them for a greater impact.

Consider all of the issues
True equality means equal rights for everyone, not just for you and those like you. You’ll sound hypocritical if you ignore the oppression of other people and fail to help them in their time of need. If you support others, they’ll be more apt to do the same for your cause.

Now its time to create your LGBTQ-friendly Student Leader Agenda. 

Download and complete this worksheet.

Source: Campus Pride, 2012.

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