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Campus Pride releases New Lambda 10 Resource: “OUT with Greeks; Establishing a working relationship with your campus’ Greek community”


Alpha. Beta, What? Let’s face it, for many of us LGBTQ folk, Greek life is confusing. The members of Fraternities and Sororities seem to speak another language. This can build barriers between communities of those who are and those who are not Greek affiliated. First, Let’s clear some air. You have more in common than […]

Recruit LGBTQ Students with Campus Pride National LGBT-Friendly College Fair Program


Campus Pride 2014 National LGBT-Friendly College Fair Program in partnership with GLSEN Dates and Locations: Charlotte, NC – Sat, Aug 16 Roanoke, VA- Sun, Sep 7 Boston, MA – Fri, Oct 10 Atlanta, GA – Sat, Oct 11 Vancouver, WA – Sat , Oct 25 Los Angeles, CA – Sat Oct 11 New York, NY […]

Nick Daily: Campus Pride Leaders in Action — Where Are They Now?


The national network of connections that Campus Pride gives to students is really important. It’s great to know that I could likely find a helpful or supportive person in any new place I find myself!

Camp Pride 2014: Janet Mock Receives National Voice & Action Leadership Award, Volunteers and Donors Recognized with Campy Awards for Distinguished Service


Campus Pride hosts eighth annual LGBTQ & ally summer leadership camp, presents Janet Mock with national leadership award and names annual “Campy” distinguished service awards Last week, over 120+ lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning (LGBTQ) and ally students and advisors from colleges and universities across the country came together for Campus Pride’s eighth annual […]

Take Assessment: New 2.0 Campus Pride Index is READY with updated LGBT-friendly benchmarks for inclusive policy, program and practice

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Since 2007, the Campus Pride Index has provided valuable LGBT benchmarking data for hundreds of colleges and universities as well as a free of charge, accessible way online for thousands of LGBT youth and families to search for LGBT-friendly campuses;  New 2.0 Campus Pride Index raises LGBT benchmarks and starting this week campuses are encouraged […]

Camp Pride – Day Six – Moving Forward & Reflections


Travel back to your campus to bring about positive change Campus Pride says farewell to Camp Pride and Advisor Bootcamp 2014 participants on July 20, 2014. The final day of camp was one heartfelt goodbyes, of promises to stay in touch, of empowerment to do the work, and of two very clear messages: “It’s time […]

Camp Pride 2014 – Day Five – Voice & Action


Camp Pride 2014 continues on day five honing students’ actions plans into final form, a special visit from Janet Mock and the Campus Pride Awards Reception and Graduation Ceremony  Action plans are a great takeaway for the collegiate leaders at Camp Pride 2014. Often times students ask how they can achieve a specific goal, whether decided […]

Camp Pride 2014 – Day Four – The State of Our Movement


Camp Pride day four included Keynote Speakers Brie Harrison, Mara Keisling and Featured Entertainer J Mase III Day 4 of Camp Pride kicked off with camp photos! All of the campers dressed in orange, with the leaders, faculty and staff in purple, Campus Pride’s colors. We all then headed to an educational block about privilege. […]

Camp Pride 2014 – Day Three – Progress & Change


Camp Pride 2014 continued on Thursday with programming centered around progress and change of the movement Executive Director of the You Can Play Project and former NFL athlete Wade Davis gave an inspiring talk in the morning about language, identity, and power. Davis shared his own personal narrative and experiences with coming out as a gay […]

Camp Pride 2014 – Day Two – Social Justice & Equality


Camp Pride Day Two delivered Mandy Carter, Robyn Ochs and further discovery of self, Action Plans and panel discussions Camp Pride 2014 is well on the way. Themes of day two included social justice and equality providing empowerment and new perspectives to students. Camp Pride Faculty, Ma Purdy and Ash Wickell, facilitated an educational block around valuing […]

Camp Pride 2014 – Day One – Kick Off & Welcome


Campus Pride welcomes 120+ students, faculty and staff for the 8th annual Camp Pride & 4th annual Advisor Bootcamp on July 15, 2014 120+ collegiate students and staff representing 4-year institutions, 2-year and technical colleges, religious and HBCUs (historically black colleges and universities) loaded in and unpacked at Camp Pride 2014. Vanderbilt University welcomes us with […]

Justin Hager: Campus Pride Leaders In Action — Where Are They Now?

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As an organization that truly believes in empowering youth, Campus Pride will find ways for you to make valuable contributions that also help you grow as a leader.

Campus Pride Summer Leadership Academy Camp Pride Staff and Faculty join in preparation for the next week July 15-20, 2014


Campus Pride welcomes 120+ LGBTQ and ally leaders and professionals to Camp Pride who are dedicating their time and energy to the social justice training experience Camp Pride 2014 brings undergraduate college students from all campuses all over the nation to a create a single LGBTQ and ally hub. Camp takes place July 15-20, 2014. Camp Pride […]

#StandingwithJayce: Campus Pride speaks out against US Department of Education decision to grant “religious exemption” to George Fox University on Title IX


July 11, 2014 – Today the U.S. Department of Education granted George Fox University a “religious exemption” to Title IX regulations regarding housing, restrooms and athletics as they apply to transgender students. In early April, Jayce Marcus filed a complaint against George Fox University in Newberg, Ore., after being denied housing with other male students […]

Campus Pride’s 8th Annual Camp Pride Leadership Academy Kicks off in Nashville July 15-20


Campus Pride Summer Leadership Academy kicks off on July 15, 2014; the fiercest leaders join together for a week of social justice training and skill building CAMP PRIDE 2014: Campus Pride’s eighth annual Summer Leadership Academy Camp Pride will take place from July 15-20, 2014 on the campus of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. The camp is the premier […]

Campus Pride Announces Lambda 10 Steering Committee; Call for Applicants from Fraternities & Sororities across the Nation


Apply Online Deadline: Monday, August 18 Campus Pride is seeking ten to twelve individuals to join a newly developed Lambda 10 Steering Committee. This board will be a group of fraternity and sorority students, advisors, and professionals of diverse backgrounds that will guide Campus Pride and our Lambda 10 Project initiative. The committee will meet monthly […]

Spencer Whalen: Campus Pride Leaders in Action — Where Are They Now?

Spencer Whalen

I remember being in shock as I realized that the LGBTQ aspect of Camp Pride was only a piece of a much larger picture. We were all at camp for the common objective of learning how to teach acceptance and understanding for all people, not just LGBTQ individuals.

Campus Pride attends White House LGBT Pride Month Reception

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Campus Pride joins LGBT Leaders at the White House in honor the LGBT Pride Month Campus Pride Executive Director joined a few hundred other national LGBTQ and ally leaders in the movement for a reception commemorating the White House LGBT Pride Month annual celebration. “Being asked to join the President and First Lady at this […]

Campus Pride will join #PrideCast Hangouts On Air for the NYC Pride Celebration Sunday, June 29 at 12:30pm EST


Campus Pride joins Google+ and Mashable for #PrideCase Hangouts on Air where live coverage of NYC Pride will be streamed online  Beginning Sunday at 12:30 p.m. ET LGBT organizations, leaders and celebrities will join together to celebrate Pride Month on in New York City and on Google+ Hangouts On Air. Coverage of the live New […]

Katie Barnes: Campus Pride Leaders in Action — Where Are They Now?

Katie Barnes

I credit Campus Pride with much of my growth as a leader. I already talked about eating a healthy slice of humble pie, but I also learned how to think strategically, and the true importance of being an ally to other letters of the acronym.