Campus Pride partners with Netflix for Advanced Screening of Season 4 of Sex Education

This past September, Campus Pride partnered with Netflix to bring an advanced screening of the first episode of Season 4 of Sex Education to college and university campuses. The final season of the popular series follows the characters through their first year of college and explores the students’ complicated relationships with sex, self, one another, and faith. Both the University of Maryland, College Park and Rutgers University-New Brunswick were chosen for collaboration with the Netflix advanced screening.



University of Maryland, College Park

At the University of Maryland, College Park, we partnered with the LGBTQ+ Equity Center and the University Health Center to provide the advanced screening of Season 4 of Sex Education and a conversation about health promotion and wellness services at the university.
At the event, staff members provided resources, such as the Safe Love Cart with free condoms and access to free STD testing. Chef Eliza Bowden (she/her), the Executive Sous Chef of UMD Catering, created vulva cupcakes in reference to the character Amiee’s cupcakes.
A special thanks to:
•Dr. Kristopher Oliveira (he/him) – Director | LGBTQ+ Equity Center
•Shantala Thompson, MA (they/she) – Associate Director | LGBTQ+ Equity Center
•Miriam Mevitin, MSW, CSE (she/her) – Sexual Health Assistant Coordinator | University Health Center
•Jenna B. Messman, Ph.D. (she/her) – Sexual Health Coordinator Promotion and Wellness Services | University Health Center
•Marsha Guenzler-Stevens (she/her) – Director | Adele H. Stamp Student Union – Center for Campus Life
•Yvette Lerma-Jones (she/her) – Director | Student Affairs Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
•Chef Eliza Bowden (she/her) – Executive Sous Chef | UMD Catering

Rutgers University-New Brunswick

At Rutgers University-New Brunswick, we partnered with Rutgers Student Health, the Queer Student Alliance, Rutgers University Queer Caucus, the Center for Social Justice Education, and the Office for Violence Protection and Victim Assistance to provide a sexuality resource fair with games, prizes, and sex-positive resources. This was followed by the Sex Education screening and an open conversation about current campus initiatives and organizations, such as Queer and Catholic, gender-neutral bathroom initiatives, and access to contraception.
A special thanks to:
•Keywuan Caulk (Director, Center for Social Justice Education)
•Tazmine Weisgerber (Training and Technical Assistance Manager at Answer)
•Francesca Maresca, PhD (Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs – Health & Wellness at Rutgers – New Brunswick).
•Representatives from Queer Caucus (Rutgers University, New Brunswick’s umbrella council for LGBTQIA+ student organizations)
•Queer Student Alliance (Rutgers University, New Brunswick’s oldest LGBTQIA+ student organization on campus, founded over 50 years ago)
Thank you to Netflix and our excellent campus partners at the University of Maryland, College Park, and Rutgers University-New Brunswick for two incredible events spreading health education and awareness.

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