STAR-M Project: Seeking experiences of sexual minority men in the United States; Earn up to $400

Seeking experiences of sexual minority men in the U.S., including cis men,trans men, and transmasculine individuals. Earn up to $400 after participating in this two-year study.  LEARN MORE


Research has indicated that more information is needed to examine risk and protective factors for adult sexual assault. a groundbreaking research project launched to redefine the narrative. The STAR-M Study, a five-year initiative generously funded by the National Institutes of Health, is on a mission to comprehend the lived experiences of sexual minority men in the U.S., seeking not just to understand but
to empower and uplift.

This project, led by queer people and guided by an advisory board, aim to uncover the challenges faced by sexual minority men, including cis and trans men and transmasculine individuals. It’s an opportunity to shine a light on a community often left in the shadows, where almost half have faced adversity in the form of childhood or adult victimization experiences. The STAR-M Study acknowledges the importance of
taking care in understanding a survivor’s journey by, avoiding stigmatizing language and placing a strong emphasis on health and well-being throughout the projects design.

Recognizing the need for action, the STAR-M Project will develop intervention initiatives to mitigate the adverse outcomes associated with challenges faced by sexual minority men. By focusing on empowerment and support, these interventions aim to provide a beacon of hope for those who need it

The STAR-M Project is not just a research project; it’s a mission to understand the needs of the queer community, to find avenues to further empowerment for community members, and to bolster strength and resilience among LGBTQIA2S+ people. By delving into the complexities of the experiences of sexual minority men, this initiative is set to help break stereotypes, fostering a future where diversity is celebrated, and the voices of sexual minority men reverb in strength and resilience.

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