SPEEDO CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Message from Board Chair & Alum Tom Elliot

SPEEDO CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Message from Board Chair & Alum Tom Elliot

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting me and more importantly the LGBTQ college students across the country that are served by Campus Pride.

We needed you, and you stepped up to help us help LGBTQ youth. I am so thankful for you.

When we began 2020, we thought much of the year would be spent planning for our 20th Anniversary in 2021. But, our year took a turn like everyone else’s as COVID-19 struck. Because of the pandemic, Campus Pride lost some $100,000 in funding – funding that we need to actualize those plans.

So, we turned to our community – and wow, did you deliver! Our Giving Tuesday fundraising drive raised $11,950 – even more than our goal! And thanks to a generous contributor, every dollar up to $10,000 is being matched, doubling your impact!

But that’s not all – as you know, I was busy running my own fundraising campaign, doing stunts and giving away prizes as goals were met. Late in the evening on Giving Tuesday, we got a message from a donor – if I agreed to keep going with this fundraising challenge until the end of December, they’d kick in another $2,500!

Even though Giving Tuesday is over, I couldn’t say no to that – so if I raise another $5,000 by December 31, I’m reluctantly going to make good on my promise to jump into freezing Lake Michigan in Chicago in nothing but a Speedo!

So, the clock on my challenge has been reset, there are new giveaways and stunts, and we only have $4,950 left to raise by the end of the month!

Can you do me a favor and forward this email to a friend or two and ask them to donate? Like ripping off a bandaid, I’m anxious to do this polar plunge before the lake freezes over! Please help me get to $10,000 before January!

All my best,

Tom Elliott

Board Chair, Campus Pride

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