Speakers Bureau

Campus Pride Speakers Bureau highlights artists, entertainers and speakers that represent various topics surrounding LGBTQ and ally people. In addition to their expertise and, or talent, these individuals represent the values of Campus Pride and help to support our work across the country. When you book these individuals through Campus Pride, you can be assured that you are helping build future leaders and support safer, more welcoming LGBTQ campus communities.

NOW ACCEPTING SPEAKING DATES.  If interested in booking any of these speakers, artists or entertainers, please contact Campus Pride by filling out the form below to request a date and information for a speaker. You may also request a speaker by calling 704-277-6710 ext 0.


Dr. Genny Beemyn

Dr. Jonathan Higgins

Eliel Cruz

Greg Miraglia

Hayden Kristal

Joshua Burford

Justin Utley

Lara Americo

Ma Purdy

Randi Driscoll

Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington

Robyn Ochs

Shane Windmeyer

Vernon A. Wall

NOW ACCEPTING SPEAKING DATES.  Please contact Campus Pride by filling out the following form to request a date for a speaker. You may also request a speaker by calling 704-277-6710 ext 0.

How do I book a speaker?

1. RESEARCH: Research speaker, artist or entertainer for your campus.

2. EXPLORE OPTIONS: Ask questions and seek more information from Campus Pride.

3. DECISIONS: Identify the following:

  • The speaker, artist or entertainer in which you’re interested
  • Your potential dates for the event
  • Your budget for the event

4. YOUR OFFER: Then, make your offer to Campus Pride based all on your information.

5. CONTACT CAMPUS PRIDE: Fill out the form below with your speaker(s) of choice, budget, event information and date.

For all other questions please call (704) 277-6710 ext 0 or email info@campuspride.org