Digital Camp Pride 2022 registration is now open

Digital Camp Pride 2022 registration is now open

From Thursday, July 14 to Saturday, July 16, 2022, Campus Pride will be hosting its sixteenth annual Camp Pride Summer Leadership Academy online. There will be special giveaways and interactive programming throughout the weekend. For more information, go to

Registration for Camp Pride is open now at; registration closes on Wednesday, July 15, 2022. Registration is $225 per person to attend the four-hour-long Saturday session; scholarship and fee waivers are available on a limited basis. There are 100 free fee waivers this year, so individuals are encouraged to apply early for priority consideration. 

Camp Pride Summer Leadership Academy

Since 2006, Camp Pride has been recognized as the leading training program for social justice and grassroots activism for LGBTQ+ and ally young people on college campuses. Historically an in-person summer camp with between 50-75 participants, this year’s Camp Pride will be conducted online with more than 150 participants expected from around the country.

“Camp Pride moved online in the wake of the pandemic for the last two years, and we learned that the virtual camp model made Camp far more accessible,” said Campus Pride Executive Director Shane Windmeyer. “This year, we continue making Camp Pride accessible to as many young activists as possible, teaching the skills they’ll employ as the LGBTQ+ community fights back against increasing attacks on our rights.” 

“Camp Pride Leadership Academy is a unique opportunity to experience community with otherLGBTQ+ student leaders and allies from across the country,” said Campus Pride Board Chair Tom Elliott. “The resources and tools that students receive during Camp serve as the foundation for a lifelong commitment to advocacy for equality, inclusivity, and social justice. As a graduate of the 2008 Camp Pride, my continued fight for a society free of anti-LGBTQ bigotry and hate still draws on the skills I learned during my Camp Pride experience.”


Read below for this year’s virtual Camp Pride schedule. Click here for more information. 

Digital Camp Pride 2022

Thursday, July 14, 2022

1-3 p.m. EST 

Safe Space: Building LGBTQ inclusive communities 

Become a Safe Space for LGBTQ people. Learn how to be an effective, visible advocate for LGBTQ people.

Note: This is optional.  You must register separately for this training by clicking here.

Friday, July 15, 2022

1-3 p.m. EST 

Stop the Hate: Fight hate on campus 

Become an advocate to fight hate on campus. Learn how to identify bias incidents and hate crimes and prevent escalation through how you handle bias incidents, support victims and provide awareness and further educational efforts.

Note: This is optional.  You must register separately for this training by clicking here.

Saturday, July 16, 2022

12-4 p.m. EST

GLAMPING: Four-hour day-long LGBTQ youth broadcast 

Queer activism dialogue among LGBTQ youth, interviews, music, art and social opportunities. 

Other featured programs:

Queering your campus workshop: Lead with pride. Learn how to create LGBTQ inclusion, what to look for and how to improve your campus community.

Our stories and our impact: Campus Pride alumni spotlights sharing their stories and the impact of LGBTQ young adult activism on creating change.

New Career Connect resource: Breaking down barriers for LGBTQ+ young adults to future careers. Learn more at

Grant funding: Social Justice Mini-Grants for LGBTQ and ally youth to fund grassroots activism, advocacy efforts and organizing. Learn more at

Activism tools: Utilizing the Campus Pride Index and planning action and advocacy for your campus community.


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Celebrating its 20th anniversary year in 2021, Campus Pride is the leading national nonprofit organization dedicated to building future leaders and creating safer, more inclusive communities for LGBTQ people and allies at colleges and universities. Founded in 2001 by nationally-recognized LGBTQ civil rights leader and campus pioneer Shane L. Windmeyer, Campus Pride offers a wide variety of programs and resources for students and prospective students, including the Campus Pride Index, HBCU Clearinghouse, Trans Policy Clearinghouse, Lambda 10, Stop the Hate and Safe Space trainings, and the annual Camp Pride leadership camp.

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