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Trans Advocacy

In the past few years, there has been a rise in the presence of trans and genderqueer students on college campuses across the country.  With this heightened visibility comes increased backlash that manifests itself in physical harassment and other forms of discrimination toward trans people. More than 90% of two- and four-year institutions in the United States remain completely inaccessible and inhospitable to transgender students. Learn more in the Campus Pride Trans Policy Clearinghouse as well as read these successful strategies and tools for trans and genderqueer advocacy on campus.

Gender Inclusive Bathroom Signage

A necessary evil which pushes our privacy boundaries into the open: Public restrooms. Public restrooms can prove challenging to many individuals who are differently gendered from the falsely dichotomous “Male” or “Female” stick figure depictions on bathroom signage. Thankfully, many colleges and universities are introducing all gender restrooms to their campuses. When considering such changes, it is […]

16 Ways to be a Transgender Advocate and Ally

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Written by Prin Luis, University of South Florida The variations in community experiences between different locations is fascinating to me. In Tampa, Florida, I am heavily involved in the transgender community, and I know many different stories of trans people. While the stories of the two trans people who came and spoke to us while […]

Trans Membership & Title IX: U.S. Dept. of Education clarification paves way for Trans-inclusive Fraternity & Sorority Membership Policies


US Department of Education issues letter responding to the request by Campus Pride to clarify the role of Title IX on membership of social fraternal organizations, specifically for transgender members; Campus Pride offers training and assistance to inter/national fraternal organizations to adopt trans-inclusive policies On December 16, 2014, the U.S. Department of Education issued a […]

Resources to Help Create a Safe Zone Training


by Andrew Salman, 2014 Campus Pride Summer Fellow, Western Kentucky University Safe Zone Training (also often referred to as Safe Space) can be an important first step and ongoing process toward improving campus climate for LGBTQ students.  Safe Zone Trainings help teach faculty, staff, and sometimes student leaders how to create safe spaces and how […]

Transgender Allyship and Advocacy


  The transgender community is one of the most underrepresented, misinterpreted, and misunderstood facets of the LGBTQIA community- as such, in our society we/they face unprecedented rates of violence, higher risks of homelessness and drug addiction, and extremely high rates of self-inflicted violence. Historically, trans people, specifically trans women of color, founded the queer liberation […]

Exposing the harm of “ex-gay ministries” and “conversion therapy”


The three main points you should know and a resource guide for further study  by Isabel Williams, College of Charleston  “Ex-gay minsitries”,”reparative therapy”, “conversion therapy”, or “sexual reorientation therapy” describes practices of individuals or groups that claim to offer “treatment” for LGBTQ identities and attempt to literally change them to hetero-normative and cis-gender identities. Once, […]

Transgender Membership in Fraternities & Sororities and Title IX

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Transgender Membership in Fraternities & Sororities and Title IX Author Stevie Tran is a 2013 graduate of Hofstra University School of Law. Tran is a member of Sigma Phi Beta National Fraternity and also volunteers with Campus Pride.  She recently passed the July 2013 bar exam in New York. Reprinted with permission from the Fraternal […]

BACK TO CAMPUS: 6 Best Practices to a Trans-Friendly Campus


Reprinted with permission. The Advocate, August 13, 2014 Just a few steps would make any campus a more welcoming place. by Genny Beemyn Let’s face it: most colleges and universities do not do enough to support trans students. To their credit, more than 620 colleges have added “gender identity or expression” to their nondiscrimination policies. […]

Best Practices to Support Transgender and Other Gender-Nonconforming Students

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by Genny Beemyn Add the Phrase “Gender Identity or Expression” to the Institution’s Nondiscrimination Policy College nondiscrimination policies include “sex” and often “sexual orientation” as protected categories. The reference to “sex” in such policies has historically not been considered to apply to transgender people. Likewise, “sexual orientation” does not necessarily cover transgender people, who encounter […]

The Top 10 Trans-Friendly Colleges and Universities


With improvements made across the country, for the first time ever, Campus Pride can assemble a list of the most welcoming places for trans students to go to college. by Dr. Genny Beemyn and Shane Windmeyer, reprinted with permission from The Advocate (2012)     Transgender people within higher education continue to be an invisible, […]

Promising Practices for Inclusion of Gender Identity/Gender Expression in Higher Education


Transgender and other gender nonconforming people face discrimination and harassment on a daily basis. In addition, transgender individuals are often denied access to basic services and facilities, such as restrooms and housing. Some campus administrators are beginning to understand that the needs of these individuals are going unmet, but many are at a loss for […]

Trans Issues in College Athletics


In August 2011, the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) Office of Inclusion released a report titled NCAA Inclusion of Transgender Student-Athletes co-authored by Dr. Pat Griffin and Helen Carroll. The 34-page resource guide is meant to “provide guidance to NCAA athletic programs about how to ensure transgender student-athletes fair, respectful, and legal access to collegiate […]

“Beginning the Conversation” Fraternity & Sorority Transgender Resource Guide

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In order to create change, we must first “begin the conversation.”  Transgender people are seldom discussed within the context of fraternities and sororities. However, in order to create necessary policy changes to be supportive of transgender students, the conversation must finally begin in fraternities and sororities.  Please disseminate and use the resource as widely as […]

10 Steps to Planning LGBT Events


1.  The Big Idea Every event starts with an idea, concept, or brainstorm.  Get your group together to discuss ways it wants to reach out to the campus community, educate, and/or entertain.  Many minds together are more creative than one mind, so together actively brainstorm ideas for events and activities.  Once you have your idea […]

National Student Genderblind Campaign


It’s not something you usually think about. “Girls” live with “girls,” and “guys” live with “guys.” It has always been that way and we assume it always will be that way.  But maybe it’s time to reconsider. Based on the assumption that all students are heterosexual and non-transgender, traditional housing policies forbid different-sex roommate pairs, […]

Advocacy for Trans & Genderqueer Students


by Caeden Dempsey, National Center for Transgender Equality In the past few years we have seen a rise in the presence of trans and genderqueer students on college campuses across the country.  With this heightened visibility comes increased backlash that manifests itself in physical harassment and other forms of discrimination directed at trans people on […]

Gender Continuum


Are You a Boy or a Girl? I can’t keep track of how many times a child has asked me that question, in public no less, like while waiting in line to buy popcorn at the movies or in the restroom at a shopping center. My usual answer is “both”, which immediately confuses the poor […]

Meet Alyn Lybman: Transgender Fraternity Brother


by Robert Bergin Alyn Libman may be on a mission to change the way you think about frat guys and transgendered people. If that’s the case though, he’s being awful chill about it. Libman, a fourth year American Studies major, acknowledges that he may be the nation’s first openly transgendered member of a Greek community, […]

TransWiki — TONI Project

TONI Project

The TONI PROJECT provides transgender non-discrimination information for campuses. The TONI project is a first-of-its-kind space for students to share college and university policies important to transgender people. Use this site to learn about campus housing policies, health plans, and curricula, or add and edit information about the school you currently attend. Learn More.  

5 Case Studies to Prep for Trans Issues


by Genny Beemyn How would your campus respond? These helpful series of scenarios and case studies prepare college campuses for supporting transgender people.  Now is the time.  Ask the right questions on how to solve these issues. CASE STUDY #1: Lucy, a female student at your college who identifies as genderqueer and often dresses in a […]