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Fight injustice. Build Community. We ALL have a role to play. 

For 20 years, Campus Pride has transformed communities and trained 1200+ trainers, with two of the most respected collegiate diversity programs, Stop the Hate and Safe Space. Both programs take an intersectional social justice approach to fostering safer, more welcoming campuses for students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

NOW YOU CAN LEARN ONLINE. Campus Pride announces an online version of Safe Space and Stop the Hate this Spring 2021.  You can now learn online valuable skills to be an effective change agent on your campus or in your community.

Our Safe Space Program and Stop the Hate trainings are mission critical in our work – and they are mission critical in YOUR work to eliminate bias, harassment and bigotry toward all students.

Registration is now open for our February training sessions!

We live in divisive times. Unfortunately, anyone can fall victim to a hate crime based on their intersections of identity including race, sexuality, gender, ability or faith. The LGBTQ community is no stranger to the violence and bigotry which accompany that divisive rhetoric. Our Stop the Hate training supports colleges and universities in preventing and combating hate on campus, as well as fostering the development of community. Our national program serves as the premiere resource of anti-hate educational resources for higher education institutions and campus communities.

Our Safe Space Program is a nationally recognized initiative that provides training and signage for institutions committed to supporting LGBTQ students. Having a Safe Space Program in place is one of the measures of a supportive campus that we use when developing the Campus Pride Index, a resource for students in choosing which school best meets their needs. Campus Pride offers three Safe Space training programs: In person, online, and train the trainer.

You can do your part to make your community a safer, healthier, more welcoming place for LGBTQ folks by participating in a training, or sharing these resources with schools in your community!


— Campus Pride Programming Team

PS. CLICK HERE to see all upcoming trainings!

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