Campus Pride partners with Sub:Culture Inc to support LGBTQ+ Students of Color

Campus Pride is excited to announce our partnership with a new resource for black college students. Sub:Culture Inc was founded by Tamice Spencer-Helms, who graduated from Virginia Commonwealth in 2006. With a plethora of accomplishments under her belt, Tamice developed Sub:Culture Inc to bring together resources for the Black and LGBTQIA* community through more accessible education. 

“Everything we do at Sub:Culture, Inc is for and about college students with marginalized identities.  BIPOC and those who are LGBTQ+ students in particular face distinct and discouraging disparities that threaten enrollment, employment, mental health, and academic success. Our strategic partnerships are aimed at collaborating with organizations that are addressing these barriers and seeking to eradicate them, said Spencer-Helms”

This year Campus Pride will work together with Sub:Culture, Inc to further provide and share resources and programs to BIPOC students who are LGBTQ+ with support services and  educational opportunities. 

Sub:Culture, Inc is already making life changing contributions with the Student Transition & Relief Fund.  This fund is designed to augment financial capacity and provides scholarships to students of color who face challenges that threaten holistic well-being, academic success, or social and spiritual flourishing.  The organization will work with Campus Pride as well as with colleges and universities to identify eligible staff and students.

“Campus Pride values the work of Sub:Culture and looks forward to supporting even more LGBTQ+ BIPOC students with support programs like the Student Transition & Relief Fund,” said Shane Windmeyer, Executive Director of Campus Pride. “This partnership continues our commitment to BIPOC youth and advocate alongside partners like Sub:Culture.”

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