Camp Pride Reflection :: What your support means to me…

Last month I had the amazing opportunity to attend Camp Pride – and I’m still reflecting on everything I learned and gained from this program.

My name is Madeline English (she/her), and I am the Founder and Creator of the Queer Agenda, a Texas-based queer education station specializing in history, issues, and support. I was also fortunate enough to be one of Campus Pride’s Mini-Grant winners – and a recipient of a scholarship that allowed me to travel to and attend Camp Pride. This support from Campus Pride has made a world of difference for my QA team. With the funds I received, I was able to expand my team, launch a podcast, create new merch for my organization, and donate to grassroots organizations here in Texas.

During my time at Camp Pride, I was able to meet so many new people who shared similar ideas and experiences as I did and even met people I never would’ve met otherwise. Hearing other people’s stories from different states and universities broadened my worldview beautifully and helped me to make what I’m hoping will be life-long friendships. Being from Texas, it can be hard to find affirming spaces or know how to create them. Through my work with the Queer Agenda and Camp Pride, I now have the tools and the courage to carve out space for beautiful, queer experiences right here in the hill country!

I am forever grateful for the opportunities the Queer Agenda has been afforded in the very short eighteen months of our existence, and I know Campus Pride’s support has had a critical impact on QA being able to grow and flourish.


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