The next generation of LGBTQ+ talent

If you’re wondering how you can give back to LGBTQ+ youth, then we have the perfect opportunity for you:

Our Campus Pride Career Connect program is looking for professional mentors to help guide and coach the next generation of LGBTQ+ talent! 

This year, we’re pairing LGBTQ+ students with professionals in career fields they are interested in to learn more about their experience and share tips and strategies for entering the workforce – and we’re hoping we can count on our network of Campus Pride supporters to step up.

If you’re a professional who is ready to help mentor and share your talents with LGBTQ+ students, click here to sign up for our Campus Pride Career Connect today.

And if you’re a student – click here! Joining Campus Pride Career Connect is free, and once you sign up, we’ll connect you with a mentor of your own.

Entering the job market is already overwhelming – and even more so for queer students who worry they may not fit in.

That’s exactly why we created the Campus Pride Career Connect: To let queer students know they aren’t alone, and connect them with LGBTQ-friendly professionals for guidance and advice.

This is an opportunity to make a real impact. Sign up today to join our team of career mentors.

[And if you’re a student – click here to create a free Campus Pride Career Connect account.]

I’m so excited to see how this program grows in 2023, and hope to have you on the team!

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