Campus Pride welcomes Prin as a 2015 Summer Fellow

Campus Pride announced today that Prin will be joining the 2015 Campus Pride Summer Fellows. The positions were created three years ago for recent college graduates and graduate students to become part of the summer staffing and learn more hands-on …
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Guest Commentary: Bringing Inclusion to Campus

Written by┬áSamantha Kelleher,┬áJunior, University of South Florida Luckily, my university, the University of South Florida, the relationship with Higher Education and the LGBTQ+ community is very solid and tight knit. I myself, as a bisexual, female student and a Resident …
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Guest Commentary: My Roadmap of Self-Identification

My Roadmap of Self-Identification Written by Rene Alvarez, Academic Advisor, University of South Florida during the USF Alternative Break program hosted with Campus Pride in Spring 2015 How do I self-identify in a social climate that is perpetually evolving? ┬áMy …
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