Sample Greek Ally Commitment

Sample Greek Ally Commitment


I, ____________________________, after completing the Greek Ally training agree to serve as an ally for the [name of college or university] campus and Greek communities. I understand that being an ally means that I agree to prominently display the Greek Ally pin/sticker; offer support to those who seek me out as an ally; refer those who need resources; and admit that I don’t know everything about LGBTQ people but will learn and understand as much as possible.



  • Have an open mind about other people’s beliefs, values and choices
  • Educate myself and those around me who may have misinformation about the LGBTQ community
  • To participate in at least LGBTQ events or educational opportunities annually
  • Challenge those who express homophia/transphobia or heterosexism/transgenderism
  • Be a good listener and not feel like I have to “fix” problems
  • Maintain confidentiality of those who seek me out as an ally
  • Work toward providing a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment for LGBTQ persons within the campus and Greek community
  • Provide resource, support and referral information on LGBTQ issues
  • Refer to crisis intervention services or the appropriate campus office or program if a student is experiencing a crisis or harassment
  • To treat everyone with the dignity and respect they deserve


  • As a Greek Ally I also have the right to:
  • Not know all of the answers
  • To struggle with issues and to be honest about my feelings
  • To get support when needed
  • Refer to counseling services when I don’t feel comfortable with a situation
  • Choose not to be a participant in the program without fear of embarrassment or harassment

Signature                                                                                 Date
Greek Chapter                                                                         Email


[  ] Yes, I would like to have my name listed as a Greek Ally on the program’s publications and/or website.

[  ] No, please don’t list my name as a Greek Ally on publications and/or website.

Adapted with permission from University of Oklahoma’s Greek Ally Commitment.

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