Monkeypox Toolkit for Colleges & Universities


Who should use this toolkit? Institutions of Higher Education (IHE) administrators and staff members.

What is this toolkit about? This toolkit provides helpful resources for administrators, health centers, and students.

How should I use this toolkit? IHE administrators can find relevant key resources for their populations, including links to share with their health centers and students.

IHEs, including colleges and universities, should continue everyday operational practices to reduce the transmission of infectious diseases.

This includes:

  • Encouraging students and staff to stay home when sick
  • Allowing virtual options for students who are sick
  • Ensuring access to adequate handwashing supplies
  • Maintaining routine cleaning and disinfection practices, including cleaning of sports gear and laundering of uniforms
  • Identifying spaces to isolate someone who is sick with an infectious disease
  • Providing personal protective equipment (PPE) for staff who care for students with infectious diseases.

This toolkit is a resource provided by the CDC – Center for Disease Control & Prevention

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