New #ReportIt sexual assault and harassment resources: Bias and hate crime prevention on college and university campuses

#ReportIt and help prevent bias and discrimination on your campus

#ReportIt is part of Campus Pride’s bias and hate crime prevention resources. Campus Pride encourages students to #ReportIt when they witness bias, discrimination, sexual harassment or assault at their colleges or universities. Campus Pride gathers the data from these reports and shares it with the Department of Education. When possible, Campus Pride may reach out to individuals, but we cannot respond to all incidents. Learn more at

Campus Pride currently uses #ReportIt to find help, document, and prevent future incidents of bias and discrimination. By reporting a bias-related incident on your campus, you can help us better understand the challenges LGBTQ students face and help prevent them from happening to future students. Learn more and #ReportIt at

Reporting on-campus sexual harassment and assault

Campus Pride recently launched a second #ReportIt form for sexual harassment and assault. Discrimination on the basis of sex includes sexual harassment and assault under Title IX. Here is more information about how the law protects LGBTQ students.

The Department of Education is currently rewriting its rules on sexual harassment and assault under Title IX. When you #ReportIt, you can help increase protections for students who report harassment. Hearing about students’ experiences of sexual harassment and assault will help the Department make better policies for LGBTQ students. Learn more and #ReportIt at

Other resources for LGBTQ students

Campus Pride is committed to “working to create a safer college environment for LGBTQ students.” We have many resources that support college students in making their campus a more LGBTQ-friendly place. Also, we promote bias and hate crime prevention with our educational initiative Stop the Hate

We also offer safe space training for administrators, faculty, staff and students through our Safe Space Program. For more information, please contact Campus Pride by phone at (704) 277-6710 or by email at


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Since 2001, Campus Pride has been the leading national organization building future LGBTQ and ally leaders as well as creating safer communities at colleges and universities. The Campus Pride Index annually helps 80,000 people find LGBTQ-inclusive colleges and universities.  In addition, the organization has specifically tailored programs and resources to support LGBTQ youth and campus communities. Learn more at

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