HELP US: Save the future for trans youth

Last night, the Trump administration acted to permit discrimination against transgender students by rescinding the department of education advice to schools on the treatment of transgender students exposing them to bullying, social stigma and unreasonable requirements just to be themselves.

Transgender students already have to overcome tremendous legal, social and financial hurdles.  They didn’t need this attack.



Campus Pride uses market forces to encourage and expand LGBTQ inclusion on college campuses.  We provide a set of best practices for colleges to follow and then rank the adoption of those best practices against other campuses.  Then we provide students a way to evaluate campus environments as they choose a school.  Colleges compete for trans students by working harder to follow best practices that create a quality educational environment.

Then Campus Pride follows up with Camp Pride where LGBTQ Student leaders are trained in key leadership skills to make a difference on their campus and in their world.

Together we can create a wave of new LGBTQ leaders to shape our world.

The demand for Campus Pride services has increased many fold.  Can you please step up and make a difference in the futures for transgender and all LGBTQ students today?  

Please take 5 minutes to donate now.

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