First Openly LGBTQ+ Panhellenic President at Texas Tech

This is Addison McKissack the first openly LGBTQ+ Panhellenic president at Texas Tech. The FSL community at Texas Tech consists of 30 fraternities and sororities. As a sister of Alpha Delta Pi, Addison has become a huge resource for other women within the FSL community who may identify as queer. She believes that as a whole community they can become better allies through education and ally training which, Texas State offers.

Throughout the video she continues about her experience within Greek life and what it means to be not only the president of Panhellenic Council but also a LGBTQ+ leader on campus. Addison creates a personal connection with new and current members who are either a part of the LGBTQ+ community or allies of the community and helps create a safe space within the PHC. We believe she is a great resource for students at Texas Tech because of the work she is already doing as president through educating those around her and making sure LGBTQ+ students have a safe space on campus. 

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