Campus Pride releases new Shame List with “The Absolute Worst Campuses for LGBTQ Youth” in the nation

102 campuses documented with anti-LGBTQ policies and cited as “dangerous”

(Charlotte, NC – August 29, 2016) Campus Pride today releases its 2016 “Shame List,” highlighting for the first time a national list of “The Absolute Worst Campuses for LGBTQ Youth.” The national listing includes 102 campuses that openly discriminate against LGBTQ youth in policies, programs and practices as documented on the site listing.   Find the detailed list online at

“Most people are shocked when they learn that there are college campuses still today that openly discriminate against LGBTQ youth. It is an unspoken secret in higher education, how they use religion as a tool for cowardice and discrimination,” said Shane Windmeyer, Executive Director of Campus Pride. “This lists uncovers the religion-based bigotry that is harmful and perpetuated against LGBTQ youth on these campuses,” continued Windmeyer.

The Shame List was first published online December 1, 2015 as a way to highlight fifty-seven campuses who had received or requested Title IX exemptions to freely and openly discriminate against LGBTQ youth. At that time, the campuses applying for these discriminatory waivers did so privately. It was not public information.  According to Campus Pride, often times even faculty, staff and students did not know.

“I attended Westmont College in California. While they have not applied for a Title IX waiver, it is clear that their past and current policies and practices are anti-LGBTQ,” said Donald Scherschligt, a Campus Organizer working on this project with Campus Pride. “Nobody should have to live my experience. I hope this listing will help colleges like Westmont realize the future is one of inclusion, especially within higher education. We need to call out these shameful acts.”

Since then the United States Department of Education has published online the letters of campuses related to Title IX exemptions.   Campus Pride spent the last six months compiling a database and researching all public records related to anti-LGBTQ policies, programs and practices at these campuses. The criterion to be the “absolute worst” campus includes either of the following: 1) Received and/or applied for a Title IX exemption to discriminate against LGBTQ youth and/or 2) Demonstrated past history and track record of anti-LGBTQ actions, programs and practices.

“Ultimately these campuses are dangerous for vulnerable LGBTQ youth and others. All families and youth deserve to know this information – and so do corporations who do business with these campuses – from those who hire and recruit, vendors who contract food service, sell books, make donations and in any other way provides goods or services to a college or university,” Windmeyer said.

This is the first-time Campus Pride has released a listing of the worst anti-LGBTQ campuses across the country. Every year Campus Pride releases a “Best of the Best” listing highlighting college campuses with the most inclusive LGBTQ-friendly policies, programs and practices. The 2016 Best of the Best list can be found online at The full listing of 250+ LGBTQ-friendly campuses can be found online at

“If your values and religious belief system include bigotry or discrimination toward any group of people, put it on your Admission brochure. Otherwise Campus Pride will do it for you,” Windmeyer concluded.

A detailed Shame List can be found online at   The listing will be updated annually. Any questions, please email

(Alphabetical Order)

American Indian College
Anderson University
Andrews University
Appalachian Bible College
Arlington Baptist College
Asbury University
Asbury Theological Seminary
Azusa Pacific University
Belmont Abbey College
Bethel College
Biola University
Blue Mountain College
Bob Jones University
Boston Baptist College
Brewton Parker College
Brigham Young University
Brigham Young University—Idaho
Bryan College
California Baptist University
Carson-Newman University
Central Christian College of the Bible
Charleston Southern University
Charlotte Christian College and Seminary
Clear Creek Baptist Bible College
Colorado Christian University
Concordia University
Covenant College
Criswell College
Crown College
Dordt College
East Texas Baptist University
Emmanuel College
Franciscan University of Steubenville
Freed-Hardeman University
Fresno Pacific University
Geneva College
George Fox University
Gordon College
Grove City College
Hannibal-LaGrange University
Hardin-Simmons University
Harding University
Howard Payne University
Indiana Wesleyan University
John Paul the Great Catholic University
Judson College
Kentucky Mountain Bible College
LABI College
Lancaster Bible College
Liberty University
Life Pacific College
Louisiana College
Manhattan Christian College
Maranatha Baptist University
Midwest Baptist Theological Seminary
Mississippi College
Missouri Baptist University
Multnomah University
North Greenville University
Northpoint Bible College
Northwestern Nazarene University
Ohio Christian University
Oklahoma Baptist University
Oklahoma Christian University
Oklahoma Wesleyan University
Ozark Christian College
Point Loma Nazarene University
Rhema Bible Training College
Shorter University
Simpson University
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Southeastern University
Southern Nazarene University
Southern Wesleyan University
Southwest Baptist University
Southwestern Assemblies of God University
Spring Arbor University
St. Gregory’s University
Tabor College
The Baptist College of Florida
The Master’s College For Christ and Scripture
Toccoa Falls College
Trinity Baptist College
Trinity Bible College
Trinity Law School
Truett-McConnell University
Union University
University of Dallas
University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
University of Mobile
University of Northwestern-St. Paul
University of the Cumberlands
Vanguard University of Southern California
Virginia Baptist College
Wayland Baptist University
West Coast Baptist College
Westmont College
Wheaton College
Westminster Seminary California
William Carey University
William Jessup College
Williams Baptist College

Campus Pride is the leading national educational organization for LGBTQ and ally college students and campus groups building future leaders and safer, more LGBTQ-friendly colleges and universities. The organization provides resources and services to thousands of college students and nearly 1400 campuses annually. Learn more online at

16 Responses to Campus Pride releases new Shame List with “The Absolute Worst Campuses for LGBTQ Youth” in the nation

  1. These are some of the best schools in America. These schools are not to be shamed but thank God are built on the foundation of truth and freedom. I am glad I am a graduate of one of those schools. We need for homosexuals who pride themslf on intimidating Christians to be protected from christians. Remember, America is a Christian nation and homosexuals should not be discriminating against Christian schools. Homosexuals should be ashamed and repent for sins in America. We do not need advocating the false teaching of homosexuality. We especially do not need to advocate dangerous education from our government. Remember, Christians have rights under the constitution. The government has rights to protect Christians. The government also has a responsibility to protect our Christian schools. It is time for homosexuals to stop intimidating Christians in America. Furthermore, stop homosexuals calling yourselves gay. That used to be a good word. You have ruined it. God calls yourself homosexual. The least you can do is be bold enough to tell the truth. Our youth deserve the right to be taught truth. You need to stop confusing our youth with your false indoctrination. Last of all, pride goes before falling.

    • Actually God calls everyone as they are… male or female, man or woman, girl or boy… Homosexuality is a created lifestyle base on insecurities and lies. There is no such thing as “A Homosexual”.
      Paul in Romans 1 says that homosexuality is nothing but a lust problem… a burning desire for the same sex.
      No one has ever changed from being “A Homosexual” to being “straight”… That is not the issue, since “A Homosexual” doesn’t exist. The issue is lust, and being able to see yourself as you really are… as God created you… male or female, man or woman, girl or boy…
      The LGBTQ community is completely based on feelings… feelings of inadequacy, feelings of insecurity, feelings of inferiority…
      God isn’t in the business of changing people from what they are not… from something that doesn’t exist… He is in the business of opening eyes so we can see ourselves as we really are… as God created us.
      God is the in business of healing wounds and setting us free from the bondage we have created.

  2. Not surprising most seem to be far right so-called Christian College..See Anderson is on the list. Gov Pence (Trumps running mate) went there. Pence also supported IN so-called ” religous freedom act.” It was directed at LGTBQ’s. Dont have to serve anyone you dont like…Pence got his narrow minded, homophobic education at this “fine Christian school. (S)
    I went to truly fine Christian University not on the list. Our school was about understanding, acceptence of all people and inclussion. Not sure how some of these schools claim to be Christian.

    • These far right people are the people who believe that the word of God is true. People who are Christian have a right to believe just as you have rights. Just because we can’t accept your lifestyles doesn’t mean we can’t love you as a person. God created us all and expects us to love each other. God hates sin! Your sin and my sin! That’s why he gave his son to die for me and you (even if we were the only people on this earth he still would have died for us) He loves us that much. I’m very sorry that there are people out in this world that are haters on BOTH sides we should be ashamed to hate someone that God has created. All these schools are Christian based. I’m not sure what anyone would expect from these people but to stand on the word of God. If you would read your Bible you may understand where they are coming from. (I don’t mean that in a ugly way and I’m not trying to be smart. I am saying this in love). Just as you, we have rights. One day I pray that you will understand why a Christian should never back down. Mark 8:36 reads “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” Verse 38 “For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him the Son of Man also will be ashamed when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels.” This pretty much tells it all! My pray is that you will find God in this because He loves you. He’s waiting for you to call on Him. Prayers!?

  3. Your article likes to throw around the word “discrimination” a lot. You claim that schools who apply for Title IX exemptions do so in order to discriminate against LGBTQ youth. According to your CEO, schools who apply for Title IX exemptions are using their religion as “a tool for cowardice and discrimination.” First of all, in what way is standing up for your beliefs cowardice? Isn’t that the whole point of your organization; fighting for the things you believe in? So why is it cowardice when Christian universities fight for their beliefs and not when you do it? Second of all, I see no evidence of discrimination presented in your article. I attended one of the schools on your list and know people who have attended many of the other schools. Never once have I seen or heard of any kind of discrimination against the LGBTQ community. Has it happened? I’m sure it has. But certainly not at the rampant, institutional level that you imply in your article. What you seem to fail to realize is that disagreement and discrimination are very different things.
    You disagree with these universities beliefs and morals that they try to follow in a world that is making it increasingly hard for them to do so. Their beliefs and morals disagree with yours. But I don’t see Christian organizations making shame lists or telling the whole world that they must agree with them or be labeled a bigot. You like that word a lot too. Bigotry, meaning intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself. Sounds vaguely familiar. It seems to me that this article and the whole Shame List is evidence of intolerance toward those who hold different opinions than you. So you can label all those campuses as bigots if you want to, as long as you admit to being bigoted yourself.
    In reading through the core beliefs and values of some of the universities on your list, as well as some of the codes of conduct, I’ve noticed an interesting fact. They are all very open about their beliefs. However, nowhere do they say that you have to agree with their beliefs. What they do ask is that if you choose to attend their institution, that you respect their beliefs. When I went to college, I agreed to abide by their code of conduct, which meant I agreed to things like not drinking alcohol, not doing drugs, and not engaging in pre-marital sex. I was not forced into agreeing with the code of conduct. I made a conscious decision to abide by it since I chose to attend that particular institution. What right would I have had to choose to attend that school, then take issue with the beliefs of that school that were clearly presented to me before I made the decision to go there? These schools on your Shame List have every right to present and uphold their beliefs, just as LGBTQ youth who are deciding where to go to school have every right to disagree with those beliefs.
    You say these schools are dangerous because they choose to fight for their beliefs. By default, that makes your organization dangerous too. And it seems to me that your organization’s time and money could be spent on better things than trying to tear down those who have different beliefs than you. I guarantee you that none of the institutions on your list spend any time or money trying to bring down people who disagree with them. They are simply schools who are trying to provide for the students that choose to attend in a way that is in accordance with their beliefs. They don’t demand that you agree with them. They know people don’t agree with them. But they don’t choose to focus on that. Maybe you shouldn’t either.

  4. I work for one of the universities on your list. I have been here many years. You (Campus Pride) have know idea what you are talking about. While we do not condone LGBTQ lifestyle, we do not to my knowledge descriminate against such groups. We welcome them into our campus church as a matter of fact.

    It is interesting and suspect that the colleges you list are mostly private colleges that happen to be faith based. If anyone, regardless of sexual orientation, does not like the higher standards these schools offer, they are free to attend other schools.

    • “We don’t condone LGBTQ lifestyles, but we don’t discriminate against them”

      That is an oxymoron. Also, attending other schools is the entire point of this list- so avoid colleges that would degrade themselves into not treating LGBTQ students as equals.

      • Dear Campus Pride friends,

        Please reflect on your position: “We don’t condone schools with traditional sexual morality, and so we discriminate against them.”

        You discriminate against the discriminators, hate the haters, and judge the judgmental. See how that works? You are one of us.

        As a graduate of one of the schools you are ashamed of for our discrimination, I am ashamed of you for your discrimination. But then, by your logic, you should be ashamed of yourself as well.

        A concerned Athenian

  5. Making a ‘Slam List’ shouts that your not very tolerant of others who differ from your opinion. I don’t believe that these colleges and universities hate the LGBTQ community. They are trying to follow the Biblical scriptures and still show love for you. Of coarse as individuals some people can do a better job of showing love than others. Maybe they just consider you confused about your uniqueness to God. I think that they are all Christian based schools. So they should also be sharing with you that Jesus Christ loved you and I so much that he died for us while we were still disobedient to God’s word and rejecting his love. Seek to draw closer in a personal relationship to our heavenly Father through Jesus Christ and He will draw you closer to Him. God’s Holy Spirit will increase the love within you and guide you as to the unique person that He loves.

  6. This post is nothing but HATE SPEECH AND IS LIBELOUS. 90 of the institutions listed did nothing but apply for Title IX protection: which has NOTHING intrinsically to do with same-sex issues. it is about funding women’s sports. This libel is like claiming indviduals are members of the Mafia because they have joined an Italian American social club.

    Of the other 10, eight did nothing more than oppose CA SB 1146. in its original form, which would have exempted same-sex activity from school moral codes. NONE of these institutions opposed the revised bill that simply said sexual morally clauses have to be applied to all student equally. Clearly there is NOTHING “anti-gay” in opposing the original bill.

    Then there is the complaint about two schools that they allowed an “ex-gay” speaker. I guess what you really want is to prohibit opinions you don’t like.

    That leaves Liberty University and Andews University. Liberty has a long history of discrimination against all sorts of groups, they are an equal opportunity hater. What exactly Andrews did is very unclear.


    Rather you have defamed and libeled at least 98 colleegs, probably because they are Christian (not the repeated emphasis on that affiliation)..


  7. Isaiah 5:20 King James Version (KJV)

    20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

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