Student Leader Spotlight: Adrian Herrera

Adrian Herrera

  • Age: 28
  • Hometown: San Diego, CA
  • Alma Mater: California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
  • Alma Mater: U.S. Air Force, flying F-15E Strike Eagles

Adrian participated in Camp Pride during its inaugural year in 2007, and served as OUT & Greek’s 1st Annual Student Co-Chair.  Now, he works for the U.S. Air Force.  We asked Adrian to reflect on his experiences with Campus Pride and how they’ve affected his life and work since.  Below are his responses.

When did you first become involved with Campus Pride and what do you recall about your experience?

I first got involved with Campus Pride through contributing to the “Brotherhood: Gay Life in College Fraternities” book (written by Shane Windmeyer).  I wrote a freshman English essay about my coming out story, which the Professor encouraged me to submit it to the call for stories that Shane put out.

Share a story about a meaningful moment that you attribute to your experience with Campus Pride.

There is a huge social change going on in the military post-DADT, and I’m happy to be influencing the change for the better – and I’m able to really understand and empathize people better because of my experiences with Campus Pride.

Describe what you are doing today with your professional life and how Campus Pride helped to prepare you?

I’ll never forget my social justice work and I continue to look for ways to educate others through exposure and contact.  The military is a great place to reach the type of people that we as a community would never talk/interact with.  It’s an opportunity to make personal connections and make the greatest change.

How did Campus Pride impact you and your individual growth as a leader?

It cemented my value and passion for social justice, even now.

What value do you feel Campus Pride brings to LGBTQ and Ally young adult leaders?

It brings a sense of community and belonging to a group of leaders that need that sort of development.

How does Campus Pride still provide enrichment to your life today and what you do professionally?

I still stay in contact with the organization and when I was living in the states, was helping out in any way possible (HRC dinners, student summits, etc).  I still try to find ways to help the organization when I can.

Now, I fly fighter jets for the US Air Force at a Royal Air Force base in the United Kingdom.

What advice do you have for those involved in Campus Pride or for those who want to become more involved?

Don’t limit yourself.  Also, respect everyone’s path.  I used to get questions (and still do) such as “why should we get involved in very heterosexist, very heteronormative institutions?”   Those types of places (military, sports, fraternities) are where the biggest changes can occur, and we can reach much more people and educate.

What knowledge, skills and resources do you use today in your professional life that you learned from Campus Pride?

I still keep in touch with Shane and network with CP appropriately if I am looking for a way to help.

What’s next for you in your personal and, or professional goals?

Fly for the military and who knows from there.

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