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Campus Pride is leading the way in researching LGBT athletes’ experiences and providing colleges with resources to create more inclusive athletics departments with the much-anticipated release of the Campus Pride 2012 LGBTQ National College Athlete Report.  The report is the most comprehensive national collegiate research report sharing the experiences of nearly 400 self-identified LGBT athletes and providing necessary resources for further progress on LGBT issues in college athletics.  Download Executive Summary of the Campus Pride 2012 LGBTQ National College Athlete Report.

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  1. Sukh

    I am prepared to aedgowlckne other people’s values, but does that mean I must accept them as fully valid and implement them into my own life and the teaching of my family or into the other programs which are used to raise youth? Of course not.@Helena Andersson You are right, the core of the Scouting movement was, is and will always be about character attributes, such as friendship, kindness, and good citizenship. It boils down to preparing people for a moral and ethical life and to face the challenges and decisions that will be a part of that life. Many believe that the GLBTQ life is neither moral, nor ethical. That is a deviant (as in straying from the norm) behavior in society and that it panders to a self-indulgent lifestyle.@Bjf6rn -Your comment, about one of your leader having a younger girlfriend which ignites fear in many parents minds. You do not say how young she is, which leaves open the potential of predatory behavior on the part of adults on children. The fear of a continued change in sexual standards begs the question, when will it stop? A strong supporter of the GLBTQ community, their publications and events is NAMBLA, the North American Man-Boy Love Association, which advocates for the removal of age laws between sexual partners, the legalization of pedaphilia. This would turn Scouting into a dating service for older men and women seeking vulnerable youth.@Sansa The majority of the US citizens are indeed religious, and mostly Christian, while much of Europe is clearly in a post-Christian era. I hope that does not mean that Europe is in a post-ethical era, a post-value era. @all I will stand in support of the those Scouting organizations who have chosen to stand true to their ethical standards. Many who have abandoned them have seen significant declines in membership as parents choose other organizations to be a part of raising their youth. The Scouts of Canada is a very clear example of that.I hope that you have found me Scout-like in my responses: courteous, kind, friendly. I hope also that we will all be tolerant enough to understand that others hold values and understanding different than our own, both in and out of Scouting.Have a great Jamboree. Maybe we’ll see you in West Virginia, USA in 2019.

  2. Andy

    It is not a choice to be gay. It just is. There are Scouts there who are slgirgtung with this issue and who fear the loneliness, discrimination and the loss of friends. It should not be this way but this is how it is in some places. For a Scout to see, meet and talk to someone who is comfortable with their lifestyle choice, adjusted and productive would be a great comfort. Everybody needs a role model. Some Scouts may not be able to even talk to someone with a rainbow button for fear of reprisal. Just as this Jambo experience may be the only opportunity a Scout from some countries to meet someone from another country or culture, it is the same regarding the LGBT issue. This may be the only time for some to meet a LGBT person safely. There is a time and place for everything. Maybe this might not be appropriate for younger scouts; however, we are dealing with young adults at Jambo. It is a confusing time for some kids. There is a high rate of suicide among teens slgirgtung with sexual orientation issues. In Jambo we are promoting a safe environment for constructive conversation about all topics such as religion and culture. Why would this topic not be included as well? If you saved or helped one child or one young adult, wouldn’t this conversation opportunity at Jambo be worth it? If you want Scouting to survive and impact young people into the 21st century then offer the opportunity of applying Scouting values of friendship, kindness, courtesy, respect etc to the discussion of this lifestyle option. I agree with the comments of Bjorn. If you need to get the boat to shore, does it really matter what the lifestyle is of the person who is padding?

  3. Sydney

    Many believe that the GLBTQ life is neeithr moral, nor ethical. That is a deviant (as in straying from the norm) behavior That is true. The norm also used to be (and still is in some places) that women should not be allowed to vote, to scout and so on. The norm was that the colour of ones skin determined how you were treated. Those norm changed because that is what norms do, they evolve.When you lift the question about pedaphilia you touch on a very important question. It should be adressed in the right context thou (such as the on camp discussion with the Swedish queen on how to keep children safe ). Two problems you open up for when you bring it up here are, One statistically almost all of these kinds of crimes are committed by heterosexual males. Two this kind of reasoning can be applied on so many other things like most crimes are committed by this or that group don’t let them in or living a life in celebathy is not the norm, don’t let catholic priests be in the scout movement and so on. Should christian people be excluded too because if you let them in the christian fundamentalists who comitt terror actions could be next?

  4. Putri

    Tracey, what the heck are you worried about when you say your rletaive should not be in a leader or advisor to young people. Having contact with gay people is not going to turn young people gay. If some of those young people turn out to be gay it’s because they are anyway, and wouldn’t it be great for them to have a good role model who is also gay.I have two kids in scouts, one at WSJ at the moment and one who has just returned from a local scout camp. Am I worried that they have contact with gay people there no I am not, because who ever they meet will open their eyes to new ideas and ways of thinking. This will enrich them as people and in the end they will be their own person.If one of them told me they were gay, I would totally accept them and embrace them . Would I be worried about them yes, not because of who they are but because they may encounter predjudice from others who can not live and let live.I am amazed that with all the emphasis at the WSJ about openning our eyes to new people and cultures that this discussion is even taking place.

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