Campus Pride Visits San Diego City College for Stop The Hate Training

National campus bias and hate crime prevention

Stop The Hate is an educational initiative of Campus Pride and supports colleges and universities in preventing and combating hate on campus as well as fostering the development of community. 

This week, Campus Pride visited San Diego Community College to present on campus bias and hate crime prevention.

The Stop The Hate program reflects Campus Pride’s commitment to provide social justice tools for combating bias and hate crimes in all its forms. Stop The Hate is dedicated to provide the necessary resources and educational training to combat hate on college campuses; and to actively seek partnerships and collaboration among various organizations with similar concerns to address bias and hate behaviors.

Stop the Hate develops and implements strategies that will reduce hate crimes on college campuses. The program objectives of the educational initiative are:

  • to foster a comprehensive approach to and comprehensive perspective on the hate crime problem on college campuses;
  • to encourage dialogue between colleges and universities and from within the campus community to initiate a coordinated national strategy to effect change;
  • to develop a system of delivery and resources specific to colleges and universities on hate crime prevention;
  • to create a national coordinated public awareness campaign to communicate a statement of anti-hate and behaviors/expectations for students, faculty, and staff to share with their campuses;
  • to understand how to manage freedom of speech/First Amendment issues and the skills to manage student concerns, such as Nation of Islam (Farrakhan et al), the New Black Panther Party, the World Church of the Creator; Holocaust Denial Advertisements; Ex-Gay Reparative Movement;
  • to develop ongoing partnerships with agencies and associations to create effective strategies and educational resources geared toward colleges and universities;
  • to acquire the tools to begin to address bias-related incidents on campus; and
  • to produce a Train the Trainer program that will enhance our ability to actuate change because of its grassroots outreach on college campuses.

Interested in bringing Stop The Hate to your campus?

Stop The Hate has created a planning process that enables individual campuses and, or community organizations to either host or purchase the Stop The Hate training program on a campus or region in the United States. The impetus for this offering is to deliver the training to regional areas and to allow for more individuals (including students, faculty and staff) to attend the training.  We offer programs for groups of 20 to 50 participants.  For more information about hosting or purchasing a program for your campus, please contact the Stop The Hate Program Coordinator at 704-277-6710.




Tyler Eilts is an alumnus of Illinois State University, where he is also seeking his Master’s degree in Interpersonal Communication and Women’s and Gender Studies. He is a 2015 Summer Fellow for Campus Pride.


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