Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement:

Campus Pride serves LGBTQ and ally student leaders and campus organizations in the areas of leadership development, support programs and services to create safer, more inclusive LGBTQ-friendly colleges and universities. It exists to develop, support and give ā€œvoice and actionā€ in building future LGBTQ and ally student leaders.

Our Vision:

Campus Pride envisions campuses and a society free of anti-LGBTQ prejudice, bigotry and hate. It works to develop student leaders, campus networks, and future actions to create such positive change.

Our Values:

  • Social Justice:Ā MobilizingĀ student leaders for intersectional work and social justice.
  • Youth Voice & Action:Ā Giving students a voice and action in leadership.
  • Empowerment:Ā Empowering student leaders for positive change in society.
  • Positive Change:Ā Building stronger LGBTQ and ally communities on college campuses.
  • Diversity:Ā Celebrating and recognizing diversity.

Anti- Racism Statement:

Campus Pride believes anti-racism work is LGBTQ work, and as such identifies promoting anti-Ā racism as an integral part of its mission. The rich and diverse voices and stories of peopleĀ of color are important and often silenced. Campus Pride recognizes the liberation of peopleĀ of color as central to dismantling all forms of oppression. In accordance with these values,Ā Campus Pride commits to the following actions:

  • Empowering and uplifting the voices of queer and trans students of color.
  • Continuing our commitment to offering equitable access to Campus Pride resources andĀ programs.
  • Acknowledging and celebrating the accomplishments of queer and trans people of color
  • Having a diverse board and staff (paid and volunteer) that is representative of the diverseĀ students we serve.
  • Standing in solidarity with queer and trans undocumented students and advocating forĀ increased accessibility of higher education.
  • Recognizing value and necessity of minority serving institutions (including HistoricallyĀ Black Colleges and Universities, Tribal Colleges, Hispanic Serving Institutions, andĀ Asian American Serving Institutions) and supporting student organizing efforts on theseĀ campuses.