REPORT IT: Report Sexual Harassment and Assault & Help Inform Federal Policy

We encourage students to #ReportIt when they witness or experience sexual harassment or assault at their college or university.  The purpose of this form is for data collection and providing information to the Department of Education. When possible we may reach out to the individuals. Campus Pride will NOT respond to all incidents.

Fill out your incident reporting form with as much detail as possible. Though reports may be filed anonymously, please be aware this may limit our ability to respond or follow up accordingly. Remember that this form is not a substitution for the campus disciplinary processes, campus bias reporting procedures, police reports, etc.  REPORT NOW.


REPORT IT: Report Bias & Hate, Find Help & Document, Prevent Future Incidents

Campus Pride encourages students to #ReportIt when they witness or experience discrimination at their college or university. By completing the form, Campus Pride can gather data to improve our work, provide assistance to LGBTQ students who wish to file complaints with the Office for Civil Rights in the Department of Education.

Please share this form and encourage lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students and their peers to #ReportIt. It’s vital to remember that anyone who knows of a case of discrimination on their campus has the right to report.   REPORT NOW.