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Campus Pride National LGBTQ-Friendly Job & Career Fair Program

The Campus Pride National LGBTQ-Friendly Job and Career Fair Program is designed to support young adults entering the workplace.  As the leading national LGBTQ college nonprofit organization, Campus Prides strives to build future leaders from college to the workplace. The fair program happens in various regions across the country.   Campus Pride works to directly connect young adults with LGBTQ friendly and inclusive careers to make the job search easier and more accessible.

Campus Pride provides a job board at CampusPride.Jobs and hosts free online trainings for LGBTQ and ally career-seeking young adults. These trainings focus on resume writing, effective interview techniques, leadership development tools and career search strategies.

If you are a job seeker you can RSVP for Campus Pride Job Fairs for free.

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Upcoming LGBTQ-Friendly Job & Career Fairs

Due to COVID-19 safety and planning limitations, we have not scheduled job & career fairs in 2020 or 2021.  Check this page or follow our social media for updates. Campus Pride is currently developing a new resource network for employers to reach LGBTQ youth talent for internships and career opportunities. Learn more.

Please check this page often for updates. Dates, times and locations for the fairs are subject to change.

For additional LGBTQ & ally college conferences, events and training opportunities, please visit Campus Pride under Events. Join the Campus Pride Student Leader Network to be the first to know about trainings,  conferences and events. Enter your email to join now.