What Are People Saying About Stop The Hate!

“I attended the Stop The Hate Train The Trainer Program in March 2002, and it has been invaluable to my own professional development as well as an asset for my campus community. Immediately upon returning from the instructional sessions, I began meeting with campus community members about our prevention efforts and response to hate on campus. The materials given out during the training (the enormous manual, contact information of other trainers and the STOP THE HATE! campaign posters/stickers) are phenomenal… the material is suitable for all audiences from campus police to student leaders and is easily adaptable… handouts easy to copy and videos easy to order… modules are easy to follow… case studies are recent and relative to the campus experience… I find the material to be inclusive, effective and educational and I was also able to draw information from the manual and my instructional session to write an article for a professional newsletter about “Hate Crimes on College Campuses.” Since my attendance at the Stop The Hate! workshop, my campus has made a commitment to put hate crimes and hate incidents at the top of their list of topics to address. We are working on creating a campus-wide statement/policy about hate crimes and hate incidents as well as working to put together a campus response system for hate incidents. Much of our motivation stems from the Stop The Hate Program which has assisted us in finding a framework of education for ourselves and our campus.”

Natalie Basil
Assistant Director, Residence Life
Gettysburg College

“Attending the Stop The Hate Train The Trainer Program in March of 2002 was the best thing that I have done to enhance my professional career in a very long time. The power of the subject matter, the timeliness of the message and the outstanding resources made available to me as a trainer are tremendous credit to Shane Windmeyer’s commitment and vision…. I cannot say enough about what the program will allow me to do on my campus, for campuses in my state, and for schools in my region; from opening the doors of dialogue, to empowering students to become conscientious citizens in a changing world, to providing a framework from which to address institutional policy and culture. My participation in the Stop The Hate Program is an invaluable part of my professional skillsĀ portfolio.”

Heidi Ross
Director of Student Life and Development
Honolulu Community College

“The Stop The Hate Train the Trainer Program is intensely comprehensive and long overdue. As one of the first professionals to complete the program in it’s first year, I can’t begin to tell you how valuable the training, materials and resources have been to me. As newly trained trainers, our commitment was to complete six “Stop The Hate” workshops or programs on our respective campuses within a year. I, along with several other trainers, exceeded the six… this type of education is so desperately needed on campuses and within communities. The hate incidents and bias-motivated crimes that have occurred since the tragic events of September 11th have reinforced the importance of this program and why it has to be made available to everyone working within the field of higher education. I know that I alone cannot change the world but I can strive to be an agent of social change and have an impact one person at a time. The Stop The Hate Program is an invaluable tool to fight hate that is helping me to make positive change within my community.”

Michelle Montanio
Assistant Director for Student Leadership & Cultural Programs
University of Texas at San Antonio–Downtown Campus

“I am research editor at Teaching Tolerance, the education project of the Southern Poverty Law Center. I have found the intensive Stop The Hate Train the Trainer Program to be stimulating and valuable… bringing together a group of people from across the campus community (e.g., students, faculty, staff, law enforcement officers), all of whom have a stake in a safe, diverse and harmonious college environment. The training helps me to see more clearly the complementary side of teaching tolerance and the active engagement of all the members was infectious. At Teaching Tolerance, we sometimes receive calls for assistance from college students and faculty, both about immediate threats and program-development to combat hate and have recommended Stop The Hate onĀ various occasions.”

Cynthia Pon
Research Editor
Teaching Tolerance of the Southern Poverty Law Center

“I was very impressed with Stop The Hate Train The Trainer Program… materials were of high quality and well organized… and the speakers were inspiring… I have plans to implement the training by presenting a series of workshops to our Police Training Academy, the campus police, and to the faculty at large. Our Stop The Hate team has already been asked to present a workshop for a state-wide conference for student life directors in July. The Stop The Hate resource manual we received at the training will make our job so much more effective and will be most advantageous toward answering their various questions. Our college has three campuses, plus several sites at the various military bases and at two other sites out of state. We hope to have an impact on all of these campuses and bring the philosophy and practical application of Stop The Hate Train the Trainer Program to each one. I am looking forward to attending other conferences associated with Stop The Hate.”

Joanna Grey
Assistant Dean Division of Business,
Social and Behavioral Sciences Chair,
Dept. of Sociology
Pikes Peak Community College

“I have seen this program change the lives of many people… each one of us can and shall be part of creating a solution… (the Stop The Hate program) is instrumental in changing society’s complacence toward the effect of Hate Crimes in our world. Recently I was fortunate to be involved in my campus’ effort to educate our community on the effects of hate with a series of programs collectively called “One World Week”. Our closing program was a candlelight vigil after the keynote speech by Judy Shepard. During Judy Shepard’s discussion with us in the 800 seat auditorium there was a point for Q&A. Having come back from Stop the Hate Train the Trainer Program, a couple weeks earlier, I anxiously stood up and asked Mrs. Shepard to share programs she had seen throughout her travels and believed to be successful. When she heard that I had attended the Stop The Hate Program, she congratulated me for the courage it took to begin this journey and told me that I was extremely fortunate to be working with the Stop The Hate Program… she told me that I was the mother of a wonderful son, who had tragically been taken from her, but the people I am working with (and now I too) are the experts in programs of hate crime prevention. She regarded the Stop The Hate Program as a meaningful way for many to become involved in the battles against hate. This is the highest compliment and motivation that inspires me to begin my work in this field and with Stop The Hate… ”

Kim Timpany
Associate Director of Recreation and Programs
Edgar A. Brown University Union
Clemson University

“Since becoming a trainer with the Stop The Hate Train The Trainer Program, I have found that the knowledge and expertise I’ve gained have not only benefited me in my role on campus, but also have benefited other regional campuses throughout the Northwest. The materials in the Stop The Hate resource manual and the quality of the training experience were immediately effective in giving me the confidence to design and implement workshops following my training in Toronto in March of 2001. This program has been one of the most important pieces of training for me in my thirty years in higher education.”

Michael Henthorne
OSU Memorial Union Oregon State University

ā€œStop The Hate should be required for all campus communities in higherĀ education.ā€

C.R.J. Brooks, PHR
Human Resource Specialist
Pikes Peak Community College