LGBTQ-Inclusive Factors When Considering Your Campus Priorities

Determine where each LGBTQ-inclusive factor ranks to determine what’s important in choosing your best fit for an LGBTQ-friendly college/university. Ask yourself the question: How important is it to have this on my future campus? Use these responses to prioritize your interests and figure out your top campus choices. Compare your choices on the Campus Pride Index and determine what to look for on your campus visit.

5          Most Important
4          Very important
3          Important
2          Relatively Important
1          Not Important

Rank each factor on a scale on importance from 1 to 5:

  • LGBTQ and Ally Student Groups
  • LGBTQ Resource Center/Office
  • LGBTQ Social Activities
  • LGBTQ Educational Events
  • LGBTQ Studies/Courses
  • Nondiscrimination Policy Inclusive of Sexual Orientation
  • Nondiscrimination Policy Inclusive of Gender Identity or Expression
  • High Number of Out Faculty and Staff
  • High Number of Out LGBT Students
  • High Number of LGBT Allies Who Are Faculty and Staff
  • High Number of Allies Who Are Students
  • VisibleLGBTQ Students of Color
  • Visible Trans-Identified Individuals
  • LGBTQ Student of Color Organization(s)
  • Safe Space/Safe Zone or Ally Training Program
  • LGBTQ-Sensitive Fraternities and Sororities
  • LGBTQ-Sensitive Religious and Spiritual Opportunities
  • LGBTQ-Sensitive Campus Police
  • LGBTQ-Sensitive Health Services
  • Gender-Neutral Bathrooms
  • LGBTQStudent Scholarship Opportunities
  • Support Services for Transitioning from M to F & F to M
  • LGBTQDating Options
  • LGBTQDance Clubs/Bars