Campus Pride Index: LGBTQ+ National Benchmarking Tool within Higher Education



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Since 2007, the Campus Pride Index is in response to the increasing demand for tools and resources to support campuses in assessing LGBTQ-friendly policies, programs and practices. The index was developed by Campus Pride with a team of national LGBTQ researchers and has an advisory board, which oversees the future of the index as well as participates in an annual review of the instrument for necessary changes or improvements. This advisory board includes Genny Beemyn, Ph.D, Susan R. Rankin, Ph.D. and Shane L. Windmeyer, M.S, Ed.


The Campus Pride Index sets the bar higher for LGBTQ-inclusive policies, programs and practices.

The Campus Pride Index is  the premier LGBTQ+ national benchmarking tool for colleges and universities to create safer, more inclusive campus communities. Prospective students and families are able to learn about LGBTQ-friendly campuses and what these campuses are doing to improve the academic experience and quality of campus life.


Primary Goals

  1. Set forth a national standard of LGBTQ-inclusive benchmarks when it comes to policies, programs, and practices.
  2. Offer an ongoing, effective measurement tool to improve the quality of life for LGBTQ and ally people on campus.
  3. Provide an accessible online tool for prospective students and families to search LGBTQ-friendly campuses.
  4. Support campuses in recruitment and retention efforts for LGBTQ prospective students, faculty and staff.
  5. Advocate nationally for further LGBTQ and ally progress by highlighting positive efforts.