Camp Pride Volunteer Information

  • (If applicable, this would exclude the year you were a Camper)
  • What airport and/or airports can you leave from that are close to you?
  • What airport and/or airports do you want to return to after camp? We prefer this be the same airport to keep costs low.
  • What form of contact do you prefer to receive from the airline? (Text, Email or Phone)
  • Provide a primary phone number/email to be used as a contact for airline.
  • Mentors were asked to raise $500 to help subsidize their camp involvement and Pride Leaders were asked to raise $250. This is not mandatory, but can you share if you were able to fundraise or your plans to do so. For instance, some of you may have your campus or your job paying for your travel. Please let us know the status of your fundraising - this is for Lisa/Shane only and will not be shared information. If you are not able to fundraise or having trouble, please share too.