Call for Faculty

Camp Pride Summer Leadership Academy &

LGBTQ Professional Academy for Advisors

Application Deadline: February 13, 2015
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Campus Pride is excited to announce faculty openings for Camp Pride Summer LGBTQ Leadership Academy and the LGBTQ Professional Academy for Advisors (aka Advisor Bootcamp) to be hosted in Charlotte, NC on July 14-19, 2015. We are seeking faculty members to lead approximately 90 undergraduate students with Camp Pride and approximately 50 professional campus staff with the Advisor Bootcamp.

Camp Pride Summer Leadership Academy and Advisor Bootcamp is the only national collegiate summer training experience of its kind. The six-day camp experience develops stronger undergraduate student leaders, better equipped advisors and safer, more LGBTQ-friendly colleges and universities. Participants have the opportunity to learn valuable campus organizing skills, coalition building and strategies for creating change on campuses and beyond. Camp faculty members are core components to the curriculum, program delivery and fundraising. Applications are being accepted through February 13, 2015.

Please apply and/or encourage others to apply to serve as faculty for the Camp Pride Summer Leadership Academy and Advisor Bootcamp. The selection committee takes every measure to select the most diverse faculty possible and ensure quality interactions with LGBTQ leaders from all different backgrounds, professions, personal identities, lived experiences and family dynamics.


What are the responsibilities of faculty members?
Faculty responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: program planning, fundraising, grant writing, promotions, on-site event execution, mentoring campers, program delivery and, most importantly, a belief in the mission of Campus Pride–to build future LGBTQ & Ally leaders and safer, more LGBTQ-Friendly colleges and universities.

What do faculty members gain from the experience?
Campus Pride programs provide a variety of outcomes for its faculty. They include, but are not limited to:

  • 1. Access to local and national queer resources to further the work in their local communities
  • 2. Increased presentation and facilitation skills
  • 3. An increased understanding of queer issues in a larger context of social justice
  • 4. Connections to a network of student, peer, and national leaders
  • 5. A better understanding of the needs of queer student activists from all regions of the United States
  • 6. Increased understanding and recognition of their own identities and privileges
  • 7. An applied experience that includes leadership and identity develop models of college age students

How am I compensated for being a faculty member?
Faculty members are not financially compensated for their work. Travel (up to $350), meals and lodging are provided for faculty at camp.

What is the time commitment ?
Faculty members are required to participate in two, two-hour conference calls per month beginning in February. In addition, faculty members must arrive in Charlotte, NC on July 12 for faculty prep and stay until July 19 in the afternoon.

What are faculty expectations?
As a faculty member at the Campus Pride Summer Leadership Camp must agree to:

  • 1. Arrive at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte on July 12th and stay until July 19th (specific times will be determined as the curriculum is developed).
  • 2. Participate in two, two-hour conference calls each month from late January through July.
  • 3. Recruit individuals to attend Camp Pride and Advisor Bootcamp
  • 4. Recruit sponsors for Camp Pride and Advisor Bootcamp.
  • 5. Raise a minimum of $500 through online fundraising on Give Out Day, May 21, 2015 or anytime prior to July 1, 2015. (Student registrations cover only a fraction of the overall cost of Camp. This $500 will help to cover part of the faculty travel (up to $350), food, accommodations, and other incidentals. Additional money raised will help fund scholarships and to keep costs low for students to attend Camp.)
  • 6. Role model respect and civility as well as follow the ACPA Ethical Principles and Guidelines at camp (view
  • 7. Regularly communicate with Campus Pride leadership team.
  • 8. Not place their own identities, beliefs, or political stances in the way of student learning and development.
  • 9. Empower students to take full advantage of experience.
  • 10. Make long-lasting connections and friendships with campers, national leaders and Campus Pride faculty.

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“Camp blew all my expectations out of the water. I thought this was just going to be another leadership conference, same as all the others… far from it! Camp was a journey of self-discovery… I made friends from all over the country and built the skills and confidence to change my campus forever. I will never think of LGBTQ issues the same again.”