Camp Pride 2016 Fundraising: Raise funds towards your registration fee for Camp Pride

Do you have the enthusiasm & drive to get yourself to Camp Pride 2016?


Then why not start planning TODAY?!?

Attending Camp Pride can be a big cost, even after a scholarship is awarded. Using the Network for Good Camp Pride fundraising platform allows students to create a personal giving page, not unlike a GoFundMe or YouCaring page. These pages help contribute to the financial need campers may have and also provides an opportunity for campers to easily fundraise online with friends, family, and other supporters.
Every dollar you raise will be applied directly towards your Camp Pride registration, no need to keep track of your donations yourself.
Using the various tools on the site campers are now able to reach more people than before with pre-built templates, savvy modern techniques, and up-to-date tools of the trade. Network for Good Camp Pride fundraising pages will very easily keep your campaign on track with various automated features designed to get you closer to your goal.