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Nominate Your Favorite LGBT & Ally Speaker, Artist or Entertainer

Any individual (students, faculty, staff, or college administrators) may participate in nominating their campus favorite LGBT and ally speaker, artist and entertainer. Campus Pride reviews all nominations in choosing the annual HOT LIST favorites.




Nomination for Hot List

Every year Campus Pride recognizes national speakers, artists, entertainers and agencies who have made outstanding contributions to LGBT issues on campus with our HOT LIST. Please respond with one response for each category to nominate your favorites.

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Best of category are simply the best at what they do. These are seasoned, professional individuals/groups that are highly popular, highly recommended and are making a positive impact on LGBT issues when it comes to their genre/topic area of performance.

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What you believe is the absolute BEST OF THE YEAR. The individual/agency has an outstanding reputation and relationship with LGBT students and goes out of its way to be sure the campus receives a quality experience. You may use repeat answers from other categories.

Best Agency Of The Year For LGBT Issues:

Best Speaker/Artist Of The Year For LGBT Issues:


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