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The Lambda 10 National Greek Ally Network is a program for fraternity and sorority communities to support their members of the LGBT community.  The mission of the national network is, as follows:

  1. To create a safe environment for LGBT Greek members and prospective members
  2. To educate the Greek community on LGBT issues
  3. To build bridges between the Greek community and the LGBT community on campus
  4. To develop a more inclusive Greek community where all forms of diversity are respected
  5. To strengthen the bonds brotherhood/sisterhood by supporting LGBT members.

In order to become part of the Lambda 10 National Greek Ally Network, you must have the following:

Sponsorship by a campus office or department (Fraternity and Sorority Life, Student Life, Student Activities, LGBT Resource Center, Counseling Center, Office of Diversity, etc.)

Advising by a faculty/staff sponsor/advisor

Membership must include a minimum of five active undergraduate fraternity/sorority members.

Commitment & Involvement: Allies must agree to participate in a minimum of two hours training to be conducted by trained individuals on your campus and sign an ally commitment form.

By joining the Lambda 10 National Greek Ally Network, Campus Pride will provide your campus with free resource materials, consultation and connections with other campus Greek Ally groups. No registration fee is currently required.

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“Lambda 10” and, or “Lambda 10 Project” is a trademarked program of Campus Pride, and activities of the Lambda 10 Ally Network affiliates must be consistent with the mission of Campus Pride.