Train the Trainer – Hosting Options

Under this option, any college/university and, or community organization may host the Train the Trainer. The hosting organization plans the Train The Trainer program with the support of the Stop The Hate program coordinator and assumes certain costs associated with the planning outlined below. Costs & details are subject to change without notice.

Cost & Details

Host organizations pay a fixed rate to host/plan the training. This rate covers the travel, food and lodging of the faculty/expert leaders. For a training size up to 25, the fixed rate is $2500. For a training size above 25, the fixed rate is $3500.

The cost per participant for the training would be $395 early-bird rate to then $495 after the early-bird date. All program materials and supplies are included in registration fee. Meals, parking, and travel are not included. Suggested time to plan, publicize and implement a successful program is at least 6 months. A minimum of 20 participants must be registered 30 days prior to the training date to avoid cancellation of the program. Early-bird rates will be cut-off a minimum of 30 days prior to encourage early registration. Each training date can only serve a maximum of 55 participants for one training session. Such information must be communicated in all promotions for the event. Due to their individual schedules, specific faculty/expert leaders can not be requested for a training and the program dates are subject to availability. Profits derived from trainings benefit the Stop The Hate Program.

Terms of Commitment from Host

  1. Host organization appoints an event planner and team of organizers to plan and implement the training (dealing with all on-site logistics, printing, promotions and publicity to campus and/or region, etc.)
  2. Host organization commits to promote and publicize the training broadly and assumes all expenses associated with advertising to campus or region.
  3. Host organization provide water service and a clean, quiet, professional atmosphere for training. Space should be able to accommodate 10 round tables with five chairs around each table, two front head tables, VCR/TV, over head projector with screen, six flipcharts and markers, three resource tables, and an open area in back of the room for activities. Accommodations should also be made to have a computer laptop with a connection to the web for the section on hate on the internet and powerpoint presentations. Campus or Region assumes all costs associated with space and technical/audio visual support needs. Three small breakout rooms may be necessary during certain times of training (depending on size of room and number of participants.)
  4. Host organization creates a listing of food choices for participants and seeks sponsors for possible meals and snacks during training. If applicable but not always necessary, campus or region may need to provide ground transport for participants.
  5. Host organization creates a listing of housing/accommodations and any parking information necessary for participants. If applicable but not always necessary, campus or region may choose to provide ground transport for participants.
  6. Host organization agrees to provide pens and paper as well as basic water service.
  7. If cancellation is necessary 30 days prior, host organization will communicate to all registered attendants about such an event with support of Stop The Hate program coordinator.

Terms of Commitment from Stop The Hate

  1. Stop The Hate advises, assists and supports the planning and implementation of the Train The Trainer program by working with on-site event planner and his/her team.
  2. Stop The Hate lists the training event, time and location on STOPHATE.ORG along with registration information for download. Stop The Hate also promotes the training through STOPHATE.ORG and applicable list serves. However, much more promotion is necessary on the regional or campus level to be successful.
  3. Stop The Hate provides host organization resources to all participants as items are available at time of training.
  4. Stop The Hate coordinates dates as well as arranges and pays for associated speaking fees of the two/three faculty/expert leaders for the training program. Program coordinator communicates such logistical information to the on-site event planner and his/her team.
  5. Stop The Hate prints the 250+ page curriculum training manual for each participant to have ready the first day of training. Stop The Hate assumes all costs associated with production of the manual with logistical support from Stop The Hate program coordinator. Electronic files and production of the manual are limited to this training and are ONLY for each participant due to copyright and licenses on materials.
  6. Stop The Hate deals with all copyright issues from partnering organizations of the training curriculum to allow training program.