Greg Miraglia

Greg Miraglia M.A., Ed., is a dean at Napa Valley College in California and serves as the National Program Coordinator for Stop the Hate.  He has worked full in law enforcement since 1981 serving three police departments and rising to the level of deputy chief.  Mr. Miraglia began teaching in 1986 and served as the director of the Napa Valley Criminal Justice Training Center for nearly ten years.  He is currently the lead police academy instructor for cultural diversity and hate crimes investigations. Mr. Miraglia developed and coordinates the college’s Safe Space Program and LGBT Studies instructional program.

In addition, Mr. Miraglia serves as the National Program Coordinator for Stop the Hate and is on the board of directors for the Matthew Shepard Foundation.  He has authored two books, “Coming Out From Behind The Badge,” and “American Heroes Coming Out From Behind The Badge.

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LGBT 101 For Campus Law Enforcement

How much does your campus police or security department know about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students?  Does your department have a supportive and inclusive work environment where LGBT law enforcement personnel can be “out” and themselves in the work place?  If campus police and security officers are going to be effective in serving LGBT students and staff, they must first know how to be supportive internally.

This program will help law enforcement and security personnel better understand LGBT people and the barriers many face in “coming out” within the law enforcement profession.  The discussion will include an overview of the spectrum of how people identify their sexual orientation and how that is different from gender identity.  Participants will be able to answer questions about stereotypes and fears they have related to working with and serving gay people.

The goal of this program is to help law enforcement and campus security personnel become allies and to understand how that relates to better serving LGBT students and staff as well as for supporting their own co-workers.

Available Formats:  Roundtable, Workshop, Seminar, Lecture

Target Audience(s):  Campus Law Enforcement (sworn and civilian), Security Personnel, Administrators, Student Services Personnel

How To Create A Safe Space Program

Campus law enforcement and security departments are often distanced from LGBT communities on campus because of mis-perceptions, a lack of understanding, and a lack of communication.  One effective way to bridge these gaps and strengthen the trust between law enforcement and the campus LGBT community is for campus law enforcement or security to create and offer a Safe Space Program.

This program will explore the role campus police or security have in promoting an overall safe environment for LGBT students and staff.  Participants will learn about the key components of a Safe Space Program and how to design a program to serve their respective institutions.  Mr. Miraglia will demonstrate how to set up a Safe Space training program and will discuss the many benefits of having campus law enforcement directly involved in presenting and delivering this program.

Available Formats:  Roundtable, Workshop, Seminar, Lecture

Target Audience(s):  Campus Law Enforcement (sworn and civilian), Security Personnel, Administrators, Student Services Personnel

Hate Crimes Investigations For The First Responder

Fortunately, hate crimes don’t happen on our campuses every day, but educational institutions are still the third most likely place for a hate crime to occur according to the F.B.I.  The initial response by campus law enforcement can have a dramatic impact on the successful prosecution of hate crime offenders and on how the campus community reacts, responds, and recovers.

This program will provide campus law enforcement personnel with strategies for recognizing, documenting, and investigating hate crimes occurring on campus.  Participants will learn how to identify the indicators of a hate crime, hate crime offender motivations, and how to work with and support victims.  Mr. Miraglia will use case studies and scenarios that enable participants to gain “hands-on” experience working through different aspects of an initial hate crime response.  In addition, participants will learn strategies for responding to media requests and other case management techniques.

Available Formats:  Workshop, Seminar, Lecture

Target Audience(s):  Campus Law Enforcement,  Security Personnel, Administrators


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