Become a Speaker

The Campus Pride Speakers Bureau is our way of highlighting artists, entertainers and speakers that represent the diversity of the LGBTQ community and the various issues that impact LGBTQ and ally people. In addition to their expertise and, or talent, these individuals represent the values of Campus Pride and share our work across the country. When you book these individuals through Campus Pride, a portion of the speaking fees come back to support the nonprofit organization and our work to create safer, more welcoming LGBTQ campus communities across the country.

Campus Pride accepts Speakers Bureau applications starting May 1 through May 30 for speakers, artists and entertainers.

Due to the volume, please only send inquiries during this specified time.


Applications consist of the following:

1. A Letter of Interest detailing why you wish to be part of the Campus Pride Speakers Bureau, particularly sharing your unique LGBTQ voice, talent and expertise. The letter should also share the number of engagements/gigs you currently do annually on college campuses as well as the number of engagements/gigs you wish to do.

2. Please submit a 3-5 minute video (Vimeo/YouTube link)

3. A list of your programs/topics (no more than five)

4. Your current bio (500-800 words)

5. Hi-Res promotional photos (300 dpi/no more than 3)

6. A press/testimonial sheet

7. You may also send any CD or book cover artwork

Once you have all the materials together, please submit one email with the subject line: Your Name: Campus Pride Speakers Bureau Application to