Greg Miraglia

Greg Miraglia M.A., Ed., is Dean Emeritus at Napa Valley College and now part-time member of the faculty teaching courses in criminal justice and LGBT studies.  He has a Masters Degree in Education,  a Bachelors Degree in Business, and is a graduate of the California Commission On Peace Officer Standards and Training Master Instructor Development Program.

In 2011, he authored curriculum for an accredited LGBT Studies Program now offered by Napa Valley College.  This was the second program of its type offered by a California college.  That same year, he also designed the Safe Space program for the college still in operation today.

In July of 2013, Mr. Miraglia was awarded the “Dr. John W. Rice Diversity Award” by the Chancellor of the California Community College system for his work developing hate crime prevention and diversity education programs.  He is a nationally recognized speaker and expert on LGBT issues in the law enforcement profession.

Mr. Miraglia serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the Matthew Shepard Foundation and is the National Program Coordinator for Campus Pride’s Stop the Hate Program and Safe Space Training Program.  Mr. Miraglia is also a radio program host and producer on Outbeat Radio, a weekly LGBT program on station KRCB in Sonoma County.

He has over 35 years of experience in law enforcement with three different police departments working most recently as deputy chief of the Napa Valley Railroad Police Department.  After coming out himself in 2004, Mr. Miraglia decided to work with others in law enforcement who are still struggling with the pervasive homophobia that still exists in many areas of the law enforcement, the fire service, and EMS profession.  He authored three books including Coming Out From Behind The Badge and  American Heroes Coming Out From Behind The Badge.

Speaker Keynotes

Safe Space Training

Training is critical to the success of any Safe Space or Safe Zone program on campus.  The Campus Pride Safe Space program provides an ideal model for campuses to use in creating a supportive and inclusive environment for LGBTQ students and staff.  Greg Miraglia is recognized as an expert on Safe Space program development and operation.  Safe Space Training available includes two and hour hour basic  programs and a twelve-hour training for trainers.  Customized and advanced training and workshops for Safe Space participants is available.

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Available Formats: Roundtable Discussion, Lecture, Workshops

Target Audience(s): LGBTQ & Ally Students, Faith Communities, Student Affairs Staff & Other Professionals,  Residence Life Student and Professional Staff & Other Professionals

Our Journey - Celebrating Pride Every Day


Everyone has a journey that has been shaped largely by the people we meet and by the events that have touched us along the way.  Greg Miraglia begins by discussing his own journey that started in 1976 just about the time when Proposition 6, a California voter initiative that would have ban all LGBT people from employment in public schools, was being considered in the State.  Mr. Miraglia talks about how events like the murder of Harvey Milk, the AIDS crisis, and the murder of Matthew Shepard impacted his perception of what it meant to be gay.  He explains the homophobia he experienced first-hand when entering law enforcement and how he managed a very successful career before finally coming out in 2004.


This program includes a number of videos offering an emotional experience as the history of the LGBT civil rights movement is explored from the 1960’s through today.  Mr. Miraglia discusses the huge gains in civil rights realized here in the United States while pointing out that a movement in the opposite direction is happening in other parts of the world.  In this program. Mr. Miraglia shows the audience that it’s not laws and policies that are going to make things better for law enforcement or the rest of the world.  It is only by coming out and sharing our stories that we can change minds and hearts.  Becoming proud of who you are takes courage and internal strength, but celebrating pride shouldn’t be a once-a-year event.  The challenge for us all is to celebrate our pride every day.   This is how we can change the world and help other understand LGBT people better.

Available Formats: Roundtable Discussion & Lecture

Target Audience(s): Criminal Justice students and staff, LGBTQ & Ally Students

LGBT Awareness For Law Enforcement

LGBT Awareness For Law Enforcement

Homophobia is fueled largely by fear and a general law of knowledge about sexual orientation and gender identity.  Non-heterosexuality can pose challenges for conservative belief systems and result in hostile work environments, civil litigation, and less than satisfactory service to the community. Two studies published 2013 and 2015 by UCLA’s Williams Institute showed that homophobia is pervasive throughout law enforcement in the United States.  These studies looked at internal and external events with law enforcement and LGBT people.


This program includes an interactive discussion of stereotypes and an explanation of the sexual orientation and gender identity spectrum.  It can also include strategies for handling LGBT related domestic violence calls for service and hate crimes investigations involving LGBT victims.

We begin this program with a strong statement of intent:  “We are not here to tell you that your religious beliefs, personal values systems or morals are wrong.  We are here to share information and to help you be a more supportive colleague and more effective in serving the LGBT people in your community.  To understand and accept someone else does not require your agreement.  As a law enforcement officer, you obligation is to treat everyone fairly and equally, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity and regardless of your own personal beliefs.”

It’s not a matter of if or when an LGBT employee will be hired – they are already working in law enforcement organizations throughout the country.  The issue is whether or not these colleagues of ours feel confident and comfortable coming out and being out at work.  When law enforcement officers understand LGBT colleagues, they are likely to be more comfortable in the field when serving LGBT members of the community.

Available Formats: Roundtable Discussion, Lecture, And Workshops

Target Audience(s): Campus Law Enforcement, Student Affairs Staff & Other Professionals

Hate Crimes Investigation And Prevention

The key to preventing hate and bias incidents on campus is prevention through education and awareness.  An effective response requires trained law enforcement personnel and a team of campus professionals trained on how to identify hate crimes, support victims, and design programming to help the campus recover.


This program is specifically for campus law enforcement and other personnel responsible for detecting, documenting, and investigating hate and bias incidents on campus.  Workshops can be customized to include components of the Campus Pride Stop The Hate program.

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Available Formats: Roundtable Discussion, Lecture, And Workshops

Target Audience(s): Campus Law Enforcement, Student Affairs Staff & Other Professionals

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