Equality March for Unity and Pride

The Equality March for Unity and Pride is a global movement that will be brought to Charlotte, NC- the epicenter of HB2. All marchers should meet at First Ward Park just before 12pm.

When the march begins, we will head down Brevard St. towards Spectrum Center, take 5th St. to Caldwell St. then go down E 3rd St. to Marshall Park where special speakers will make an appearance. Marchers must stay on the sidewalks and obey traffic and pedestrian signals while also being mindful of other pedestrian traffic.



If you have questions or would like to volunteer please email: equalitymarchcharlotte@gmail.com.

Donate: gf.me/u/cbvb2
Twitter: @EqualityCLT
Instagram: equalitymarchcharlotte
National page: http://www.equalitymarch2017.com/